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Tumors: colorectal screening, growing adhesions in Fvg – Healthcare

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Tumors: colorectal screening, growing adhesions in Fvg – Healthcare


(ANSA) – TRIESTE, MARCH 28 – Colorectal cancer registers about 1,100 new cases a year in Friuli Venezia Giulia, but adherence to the screening programme, essential for promoting early diagnosis and therefore facilitating healing or preventing tumors, is among the best in Italy: 2 out of 3 citizens respond to the invitation from the Region; after the pandemic it is a growing figure. The theme was addressed during the debate between experts “The prevention of colorectal cancer in Friuli Venezia Giulia: state of the art and network synergies with the third sector to promote health in the area”, promoted by the Italian League against tumors – Lilt FVG.

The event, moderated by Bruna Scaggiante and Catrin Simeth, concluded the cancer prevention week that Lilt has institutionalized since 2001 to spread prevention. After the age of 50, the prevention of colorectal cancer must be done regularly, and one of the earliest signs is bleeding which is generally not seen with the naked eye but can be identified with an examination – simple and free – of the faeces, called occult blood. “In this way we were able to reduce the incidence and severity by 30%,” highlighted prof. Renato Cannizzaro, professor at the University of Trieste and head of Gastroenterology at the CRO of Aviano.”Every year 300 people will not need to resort to health services for treatment.

At the same time, the quality of exams and services has also increased and technologies are being innovated to identify ever earlier injuries” It is also necessary, as reported by the CEO of Cro di Aviano, Francesca Tosolini, to know how to reach young people. Simple messages to explain what they are the aspects to pay attention to from an early age: diet, physical activity, no smoking and no alcohol (ANSA).

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