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Tumors: Cro, Franceschi at the top of the European Code – Health

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(ANSA) – AVIANO, JULY 04 – The Oncological Reference Center of Aviano (Pordenone) is also among the protagonists of the European Code Against Cancer – ECAC5, an initiative of the European Commission, in its fifth edition from 1987, to educate people about key actions to reduce their lifetime risk of developing cancer.

The scientific director of the Cro, Silvia Franceschi, in fact, was called to chair the working group dedicated to the relationship between neoplasms and infections.

Between 2000 and 2018, Franceschi had been in charge of the Infections and Cancer section of the Iarc, the International Agency for Research against Cancer of the World Health Organization, based in Lyon, which coordinates the project of scientific Codes against Cancer.

The fifth edition of the ECAC has come alive in recent days in France, with the aim of fine-tuning the new guidelines for the primary and secondary prevention of cancer, updated on the basis of the latest scientific results, also including recommendations for the development of EU health policy. (HANDLE).

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