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Tumors: Women in colour, six female stories on disease – Oncology

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Tumors: Women in colour, six female stories on disease – Oncology

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 08 – Six stories of women affected by cancer, their doubts, their perplexities, their fears. Six stories united by the experience of the disease from which themes such as change, acceptance, control, fragility, guilt, relationships with others, self-recognition emerge. A way to share these stories and raise awareness of public opinion and institutions on the needs and requirements of patients affected by female cancer. This is the objective of the book “Donne a colori”, written by Angela Suprani and promoted by the Loto Odv Association, presented in Bologna.

“Breast cancer is the main neoplasm in our country, 55,000 new diagnoses are recorded every year. This cancer can benefit from screening, in fact, thanks to mammography it is possible to diagnose the disease early. Instead, for ovarian cancer there are no effective tools for screening and every year, in Italy, there are 5200 new diagnoses – says Rossana Berardi, President of the Loto OdV Scientific Committee and member of the National Executive of AIOM – It is therefore essential for women to put mammography on the agenda as required by screening, gynecological visit once a year and follow correct lifestyles”.

Oncological research has achieved extraordinary results, survival from breast cancer, the most frequent in Italy, is 88% five years after diagnosis, the percentage drops to 43% for ovarian cancer, also because too many women, about 80%, discover the disease in an advanced stage. – says Myriam Perrone, Vice-President of the Loto OdV Scientific Committee – Patients increasingly want to return to a normal life even when treatments have potential side effects, and it is essential to listen to their needs and requirements”. “Through narrative medicine – says Sandra Balboni, President of Loto Odv – it is possible to talk about the disease in all its aspects and make these topics less and less taboo. Patients are increasingly active and involved and we thank them for making their experiences available to the whole community”. .

– concludes Angela Suprani, author of the book – through narration it was possible to give voice to all their emotions.

This volume is not only for patients but also for the entire population to raise culture and awareness on these issues.” (ANSA).

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