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Turin 20 April | Cirio’s attack on the precarious health workers

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Turin 20 April |  Cirio’s attack on the precarious health workers

“We live in a country where billions of euros have been found for weapons in no time; money must also be found for health and healthcare”, so Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont Region, spoke on the debate regarding stabilization of Piedmontese precarious healthcare personnel. A clear message for the government and also for the unions who will take to the streets tomorrow; the same ones who yesterday, Tuesday 19 April, raised the alarm on the dismissal of thousands of nurses and obs. “The demonstrations in the square are welcome”, Cirio said, “because in this way they help us to ask for resources from the Government”.

The usual theme is that of money. The unions ask the Region to make an extra effort by resorting to the Calabria decree to exceed 10% of the regional budget dedicated to health personnel; the Region is not there because the money for the stabilization of the staff, according to the regional council, must come from Rome.

“Stabilization is not discretionary, but is taken from a state law which provides that those who have carried out a certain profession in the public administration for a certain period of time have the right to be stabilized”, explains Cirio, “In Piedmont there are over 1,100 and we will stabilize them all. We are very happy with it and it is a necessity that the Piedmontese healthcare system has, as well as recognition for these people who have helped the Region in these delicate moments “.

But who is left out? “For those who do not have the requisites and will have to mature them over time, a very heated debate is underway with the Government because it is a question of reasoning about future stabilization with money that the State must put in”, continues the governor, “We live in a country where billions of euros were found for weapons in no time – and it was necessary because we are part of an alliance we believe in and we had to do our part – but the money must also be found for health and healthcare “

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Finally, the dig at Draghi and Speranza: “In 2021, we reached the balance of the Piedmont healthcare budget, where out of just over 600 million euros that the covid cost us, the State gave us 330. The others we have recovered them with regional and European resources from the region and by firing with Piedmontese resources. It is good that the Government takes note of this and that it puts its hand to economic resources that will allow us to pay the costs of the covid and invest every euro in more on the staff that health care needs “.

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