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TÜV association calls for more efficiency in the traffic medical assessment of …

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TÜV association calls for more efficiency in the traffic medical assessment of …

23.01.2024 – 08:32

TÜV Association e. v.

Berlin (ots)

Qualified doctors from the assessment centers for fitness to drive can relieve the existing system and speed up the preparation of reports. German traffic court conference in Goslar focuses on fitness to drive.

Severely impaired vision or hearing, epilepsy, mental disorders or other illnesses may affect the ability to drive a vehicle safely. In these cases, the driving license authority can order a medical report in order to obtain independent proof of fitness to drive. The TÜV Association is now calling for simplifications in order to speed up the preparation of reports. The problem: Currently, only specialists with traffic medicine qualifications are allowed to carry out assessments for certain illnesses. From the TÜV Association’s point of view, this restriction is neither sensible nor necessary and cannot be derived from European law. “The procedure for the traffic medical assessment of fitness to drive must become more efficient and less time-consuming,” says Richard Goebelt, head of the vehicle and mobility department at the TÜV Association, in the run-up to the 62nd German Traffic Court Day. “The existing requirements for the assessment procedure are in practice for the “It’s often an ordeal for those affected.” The restriction to a small number of licensed specialists leads to long waiting times, large fluctuations in traffic medical assessments and frequent multiple assessments. Those affected who have several illnesses that need to be clarified by different specialists are particularly burdened with time and money. From the perspective of the TÜV Association, doctors from the assessment centers for fitness to drive (BfF) with interdisciplinary specialist knowledge should be able to be commissioned to assess all medical conditions relevant to fitness to drive.

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Delay increases risks for traffic safety

Due to the low density of specialists with traffic medicine qualifications, in many cases it takes several months until an assessment is carried out. During this waiting period, physically and mentally impaired people may continue to use motorized road traffic. “It must be made possible for those affected to undergo a driving fitness test as quickly as possible,” says Goebelt. “The long wait for a specialist appointment represents an unacceptable risk to road safety for both the person concerned and all other road users.”

Current process increases emotional and financial stress

If there are doubts about your fitness to drive, a medical report is usually ordered. “The idea of ​​giving up your driver’s license is a great emotional stress situation for those affected and usually also has financial consequences,” says Goebelt. “A medical report on the physical or mental fitness to participate in road traffic should therefore be available as quickly as possible.” Because the consequences are so serious, the report must be comprehensible and understandable.

By commissioning doctors from the BfF, it would be possible to offer all those affected a short-term appointment to assess their fitness to drive. The doctors have a high level of qualifications and strong professional expertise. By requesting findings reports from the treating specialists, specialist medical expertise will continue to be incorporated into the overall traffic medicine assessment in the future.

The quality and significance of the traffic medical reports is strengthened by the activities of the BfF doctors. The assessors at officially recognized assessment centers are monitored by a quality management system and their compliance and efficiency is continuously monitored by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). In addition to the findings, the clear and unambiguous formulation of the assessment order itself remains crucial for the comprehensibility of the contents of a driving suitability report. As a result, not only the quality of the reports, but also the transparency and comprehensibility for the responsible recipients are further improved.

Further information at: www.tuev-verband.de/mobilitaet/neue-mobilitaet/vision-zero

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About the TÜV Association: As TÜV Association eV, we represent the political interests of the TÜV testing organizations and promote the professional exchange of our members. We are committed to the technical and digital security as well as the sustainability of vehicles, products, systems and services. The basis for this are generally applicable standards, independent examinations and qualified further training. Our goal is to maintain the high level of technical security, create trust in the digital world and preserve our livelihoods. To this end, we are in regular contact with politicians, authorities, media, companies and consumers.

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