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Twitch, source code and streamer revenues online. The checks are in progress

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The Twitch source code appears to have been leaked by an anonymous hacker, including streamer payment data. The authenticity of the data of this well-known video game streaming platform is still being verified by experts. It will take a few hours: it is a 126 GB torrent, uploaded to 4chan. In the post, on this historic anonymous bulletin board, the Twitch community is called a “disgusting toxic cesspool.” The action seems to be connected to a protest movement that Twitch has been going through for some time. Many users, belonging to minorities and marginalized communities, are demanding that Twitch do more against hate speech. In fact, the 4Chan post says that the objective of the leak is “to foster greater disruption and competition in the online video streaming space”.

What the 4chan post says

In short, they want to heavily damage Twitch – accused of being a monopolist of the gaming streaming phenomenon – to open the doors to competitors. 4chan’s post also includes the hashtag #DoBetterTwitch, originally created by marginalized streamers to push Twitch to improve measures platform security and prevent hate speech. Streamers also organized the #ADayOffTwitch campaign to protest the platform, but the leak is not directly related to this activist group. Various Italian experts, contacted by Sole24Ore, are now verifying the content. For now there is Video Games breaking latest news, a specialized newspaper with a reputation in the sector, to confirm the authenticity of the data by reporting an anonymous source inside Twitch. The package would include, according to the description, practically everything; Twitch life, death and miracles. Three years of data on payments made to creators on Twitch. The entirety of Twitch.t

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Online content

l Source code for Twitch clients for mobile, desktop, and game consoles. Code for proprietary SDKs and AWS internal services used by Twitch. But there is also a Steam competitor produced by Amazon Game Studios and never released before, codenamed Vapor. Among other things: data on other Twitch properties such as IGDB and CurseForge; Twitch internal security tools. Some users also report the presence of streamer passwords. That’s not all. This leak is labeled as “part one”: as if to say that other things could be published. Video Games breaking latest news that Twitch is aware of the violation.Twitch has for years policies, increasingly stringent and severe, against those who sow hatred and harass other users. Obviously for some it is not enough.While waiting for confirmation on the authenticity of the data, a common advice in these hours, from the experts who are following the story internationally, is to change their Twitch password, enable authentication two-factor on the account and reset the stream key

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