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Twitch welcomes the Year of the Tiger to launch the “Apex Heroes” competition, “Woo Tiger Red Packet Welcomes the New Year” New Year’s program “Apex Legends”

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Twitch announced today (18th) that the Year of the Tiger is approaching. From the 22nd, it will launch the “Apex Heroes” Twitch Rivals competition, the “Woo Tiger Red Packet Welcomes the New Year” program and the live host “Woo Tiger Red Packet Challenge” to accompany players. Welcome the Year of the Tiger.

Apex Legends Twitch Rivals Head Start

Twitch pointed out that this year’s first Twitch Rivals competition “Apex Heroes” will debut at 7 p.m. on January 22, with 60 players in groups of 3, a total of 20 teams competing for a total prize of NT$700,000 and the championship of the first competition in 2022. In order to make the event more exciting, the team of captains will be invited according to the ranking of the previous competition.

The official said that the last champion Baidi (/roieee) will form a top team with Guanwei (/guanweiboy), who has won the first place in the Taiwan server “League of Legends”; The old man’s professional player NuL (/gde_nul) formed an evergreen team; Restia (/restiafps) once again joined forces to win and lose (/ggbb528) vowing revenge; aphrolin1107) as a talisman, can it resist the attack of Baidi? Top teams such as CS shooting celebrity Jiawei (/chiawei1031tv) and former professional player Hgua (/jongie) of “Douzhen Special Attack” will also compete.


Woo Tiger Red Packet Welcomes the New Year: Spring Festival, Returning to Mother’s Home, Fighting for the Holy Sparrow, and welcoming the God of Food.

As for the “Woo Tiger Red Packet Welcome New Year” program, which will be launched from January 23 to 26, it will emphasize the integration of traditional customs from the first to the fourth day of the Lunar New Year:

  • “Walking Spring”
    50 live-action masters compete with each other in groups of 5 in the horror survival game “Propnight”. The well-known e-sports anchor Mr. Yi (/zax82410) is the host, and two horror game reviewers – Shrimp Love Orange (/ shuteye_orange) and Shujie (/xargon0731) broadcast the match.
  • “Return to Mother’s Home” in the second year of junior high school
    32 live-action masters form a team of 4 to challenge the wisdom game “Ultimate Chicken Horse” to see who can avoid the many traps and reach the finish line smoothly. The event also invited Mr. Yi (/zax82410) to host the event, and was commented by former Lightning Wolf coach Assen (/assentw), e-sports anchor Nia (/naariah), former Taipei Assassin Star Captain Kuipi (/krapycoco), etc. .
  • The third day of “Red Dog Day”
    The live host will participate in the “Twitch Sun Sparrow Challenge”. The well-known live host Yuexi (/tsukilin) ​​and the famous e-sports anchor Tommy (/chen810830) will partner to host, and sweet tooth girls Jingjing (/ts_jingjing), Nana (/ts_nana) brings the competition review.
  • “Welcome to God Day”
    Twitch God of Cooking Competition, invite 12 partners to divide into 4 groups, randomly draw recipes, cook New Year’s dishes, and compete for the title of God of Cooking. The event will be co-hosted by Little Bear (/yuniko0720) and Tommy (/chen810830). The jury specially invited YouTuber Joeman and “Stylish Chef” Chen Delie to choose the God of Cookery this year.
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The official said that from now until the 29th, there will also be a “Woo Tiger Red Packet Challenge” to accompany the live broadcasters to celebrate the New Year. The live broadcasters can accumulate EXP by increasing subscriptions or small singularities to unlock corresponding rewards. If you find that the Woo Tiger Red Packet Challenge and EXP experience bar appear in the live broadcast of your favorite live broadcaster, it means that the live broadcaster is participating in the challenge. Players can unlock achievements by subscribing, encouraging and supporting their favorite live broadcasters.


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