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two-and-a-half-year-old girl died. Cause of death mystery

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two-and-a-half-year-old girl died.  Cause of death mystery

Tragedy in Salento where a two and a half year old girl of Sannicolamunicipality in the province of Leccedied in hospital. The little girl had been rushed to the emergency room of the Sacred Heart of Gallipoli. Her conditions immediately appeared serious: the little girl had the high fever and it was necessary to transfer to the Vito Fazzi hospital in Lecce where she was hospitalized in intensive care.

But for her there was nothing to do. According to what has been learned from the ASL, a diagnostic test has been ordered to understand the causes of death: whether it is attributable to a flu virus and possible complications, or whether it was one encephalitis withering.

6-year-old boy reduced to dying, grandmother investigated together with her partner. The father: «he must rot slowly»

Arm and chest pains, mother dies at home at 37: she had been discharged from the emergency room twice

The mayor’s decision: the tree in the square was turned off

The mayor of Sannicola Cosimo Pigeon turns off the big tree that stands out in the main square of the town and all the city lights. Many heartfelt messages on the Facebook pages: “Sometimes life is really unfair. Such a great tragedy shouldn’t have happened. Have a good trip little angel and give the strength to your parents and siblings to survive the pain of your absence”.

Last Updated: Friday 30 December 2022, 09:09

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