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Two circumstances of Dengue in Trieste

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Two circumstances of Dengue in Trieste

Two Cases of Dengue Reported in Trieste After Returning from High-Risk Area

ASUGI has reported that two circumstances of Dengue had been recognized in Trieste, Italy, after people returned from a visit to a high-risk space. One case has been confirmed, whereas the opposite is at present beneath investigation. The incident occurred between the evening of June 3, 2024, and the day of June 4, 2024. Fortunately, no different passengers at risk have arrived in Trieste thus far.

In response to the circumstances, the 2024-2025 Regional Plan for the implementation of the “Prevention, Surveillance, and Response Plan for Arbovirosis” has been activated. Measures are being taken to evaluate the situation of the circumstances and implement nationwide and worldwide requirements to forestall the unfold of the illness.

Dengue is attributable to 4 viruses and is transmitted to folks by way of mosquito bites. There is not any direct human-to-human transmission of the virus. Common signs embrace sudden excessive fever, headache, muscle ache, nausea, rash, and extra. Symptoms sometimes resolve inside 10 days.

Prevention methods embrace avoiding mosquito bites by utilizing repellents, sporting protecting clothes, and eliminating standing water the place mosquitoes breed. Health staff have recognized mosquitoes in neighboring cemeteries and are conducting larvicidal and grownup therapies within the space.

A vaccine for vacationers to Dengue-prone areas has additionally been developed. For extra data, people can contact the Ministry of Health, Higher Medical Center, or the ASUGI Prevention Department.

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