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Two new areas equipped for fitness thanks to a tender

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LECCO – The Municipality of Lecco was the winner of the “Outdoor sport 2021 call”, promoted by the Lombardy Region, for a total funding of 220,000 euros with the aim of creating areas equipped for sky fitness and the construction of a playground.

Thanks to this important funding, they let the Municipality know, the first intervention will see the realization of two equipped areas on the lakeside of Lecco, one in the Pescarenico area near the “Addio Monti” park e the other in Maggianico along the cycle / pedestrian path on the Adda in the stretch of via Don Ticozzi, for the performance of playful-sporting-recreational activities.

The areas will be equipped with two free body circuits (one with 6 machines and one with 8 machines) covered by Wi-Fi and equipped with QrCode with directions for the exercises, also suitable for people with disabilities and equipped with two machines for people in wheelchairs.

On the line dedicated to playgrounds, funding from the Lombardy Region will make it possible to realize a multipurpose field in the Pertini di Germanedo park near the hospital and the youth information center as well as some schools; the field will be flanked by urban parkour and skate trails. Within the Pact for an Educating Community, the Municipality of Lecco has signed a commitment with various Amateur Sports Associations for the management of the area.

“The absence of spaces for young people is the theme that emerges most strongly from listening to the children of our city – explains the Councilor for Youth and the Family of the Municipality of Lecco Alessandra Durante -. The Educating Community is also made up of “educating spaces”, suitable and equipped places where young people can spend time positively. In this first phase we have given priority to the spaces for free sports activities, accessible at any day and at any time. Spaces designed for children and young people, capable of welcoming children, adults and the elderly, creating opportunities for sharing and intergenerational exchanges. “

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“Especially after the hard months of the pandemic, we believe it is essential to invest in educational places suitable for young people but also for children and people with disabilities – adds the Councilor for Education and Sport of the Municipality of Lecco Emanuele Torri -. The municipal administration thus pursues the objective of recreating experiences of socialization and movement in areas whose requalification will lead to a healthier, more guided and highly inclusive use. The creation of spaces for outdoor sports goes in the direction of enriching the sports offer of our city, with the aim of pursuing a healthier lifestyle and better psycho-physical well-being “.

“Attention and care of the city that starts from maintenance and redevelopment interventions and, on the other hand, that invests in new equipped areas in the city – concludes the Councilor for Public Works and Care of the city of the Municipality of Lecco Maria Sacchi -. If the playground fits into a very populated neighborhood, in a logic of new social aggregation, the two areas with sports equipment will be located in two areas easily accessible by citizens and tourists, inclusive for people with disabilities. “
The achievement of the objective was possible thanks to the teamwork of the Public Works, Youth Policies and Sports offices of the Municipality of Lecco.

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