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Two personal trainers have Covid, sanitation is triggered in the gym: “No outbreak”

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ANCONA – Positive personal trainers al covid. The Conero Wellness safety protocol is triggered. The infection was detected between Wednesday and yesterday against two gym instructors, both not vaccinated but regularly active thanks to the swab check every 48 hours as required by law.

The first learned that he contracted the virus on Wednesday morning at 8 when he went to the pharmacy for the test before going to the gym. Security measures were immediately taken: tracking of all students and staff screening. “We immediately proceeded to have an extraordinary sanitization of the environments carried out by an external company – assures Davide Tucci, owner of the structure – the protocol has been respected to the letter”. But when everything seemed to be under control, the other shower was cold. A second instructor tested positive for the swab yesterday morning. The personal trainer, among other things, had been subjected to a previous test on Thursday, precisely in relation to the contagion of his colleague, and was negative.

«But in the following days he had accused a slight discomfort, nothing alarming – Tucci says – a bit of exhaustion, nothing particular. But in these cases the precaution is never too much, so he repeated the test a second time and unfortunately he communicated the positivity to us ». The whole contact tracing procedure started again and the gym staff underwent the screening again which will be repeated tomorrow for final confirmation. In the meantime, the activities of Conero Wellness have never stopped.

«We have always remained open – says the owner – but we have imposed a certain rigidity, in the sense that we are having all the staff swabs despite being vaccinated and we will continue monitoring with the test for the next five days. So if there is something in the incubation we are sure to take it in time. In these cases there is never an excess of scruple. We want to be sure that everything is in order ». So the surge in infections in the city is now a fact. «It’s bad to say – continues Tucci – but this is the natural coexistence with the virus. We have to get over it ».

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