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Tycoon Big Tech pays $2 million a year to rejuvenate, and it’s working

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Tycoon Big Tech pays $2 million a year to rejuvenate, and it’s working

Just 15 years ago, he made his fortune by selling his payment system to Ebay for $800 million. Today, the 45-year-old developer Bryan Johnson she spends over 2 a year, collaborating with more than 30 medical professionals to follow up on every aspect of her health. With one goal: to rejuvenate.

To achieve that, Johnson is following a protocol called “Project Blueprint,” a treatment he says hasn’t yet entered its most intense phase.

Yet he has already produced good results: the 45-year-old prides himself on having the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, the physique and lungs of an 18-year-old.

What is Project Blueprint, the rejuvenation protocol followed by Bryan Johnson?

Bryan Johnson

Don’t expect a sweet elixir of youth: Johnson’s effort (not only economic) is an almost maniacal undertaking, which borders on the nightmare.

The 45-year-old eats a 1,977-calorie-a-day vegan diet, works out with a strict exercise routine, and sticks to a consistent sleep schedule. That’s not all: Johnson monitors his body scrupulously with MRIs, ultrasounds, continuous blood tests and colonoscopies.

On the horizon, says the doctor Oliver Zolmana doctor specializing in regenerative medicine and part of the pool that follows the 45-year-old tycoon, there will be gene therapies.

Meanwhile, to try to rejuvenate Johnson takes two dozen supplements and medicines a day and changes his body constantly based on the results of dozens of monitoring. Of all kinds: from body fat percentage to blood sugar, from gut health to the number of nocturnal erections (!). He uses creams, undergoes laser therapy and electromagnetic pulses.

The list could go on and on: as always, maybe I’ll show you a video first.

A typical day for those who follow the protocol to rejuvenate.

How is it going?

A surprising result: Johnson is super healthy, and in excellent physical shape. According to doctors, he has reduced his biological age by at least five years, and has lung capacity similar to that of an 18-year-old teenager.

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In his interview with Bloomberg, Johnson said with some emphasis: “What I do may seem extreme, but I want to show that there is no need to surrender to aging and physical decay.”

In my opinion, the things he is demonstrating are also other: first, the road to rejuvenation is increasingly within the reach of the richest. Second, not everyone who could afford it would make this “titan’s” life. Third, scientists have really started to dent the supremacy of aging: We are in for many surprises in the future.

I hope all positive.

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