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Ubisoft Survival Shooter “Rainbow Six: Evacuation from the Restricted Area” is the last inventory before entering the pit, and if you want to shoot happily, there is also the “Enemies on All Sides” mode | 4Gamers

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The new survival shooting game “Rainbow Six Extraction” (Rainbow Six Extraction) developed by Ubisoft Montréal has been officially launched today (20th). Players with Xbox Games Pass/PC Game Pass subscriptions can enter the restricted area and face the The threat of archaea.

After many tests, I believe that players who follow this game are generally familiar with the gameplay. Strictly speaking, “Evacuation from the Forbidden Area”, which mainly focuses on PvE survival elements, combines the wall damage and operator features of “Siege” itself, and then sets it into “GTFO” “The stealth survival tone is the main. The general level of the strategy process can refer to the previous test experience of this site.

As for how the game progresses, or whether there are other plots or challenge modes, before purchasing the game, this is the final checklist before the mission.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-14-21-36-19

Forget the plot, let’s talk about “milestones” and experience points

Although it is a PvE survival shooting, “Evacuation from the Forbidden Area” does not have a plot war epidemic, but uses the mission location as the level progress. When the player’s “milestone” level is met, they can go to the next area to challenge. In this work, the four major levels in the United States are used as the stage, first from New York City to San Francisco, and then to unlock Alaska and New Mexico’s Truss-Concy Quinces.

Each stage has three maps to choose from. For example, New York City has Rock Garden, Liberty Island and the Police Station. There is no sequence in this part. Players can freely choose the map they want to go to, because the assigned tasks will also be random. .

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-16-17-1-40

As for how to calculate the “milestone” level, it is calculated based on the “summation” of the level experience value of each operator. In other words, the higher the level of your lineup’s operators, the higher the “milestone” will be. .

The purpose of this design is quite clear, which is to hope that players are familiar with each operator as much as possible and upgrade. The upgraded operator can unlock shotguns or rifles with stronger firepower, and the special skills of the operator will also be upgraded accordingly.

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In this way, the higher the “milestone”, the stronger the operator level of your lineup, and the basis for unlocking new stages.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-15-22-5-18

It is worth mentioning that the “milestone” level will be dropped.

For an operator who disappears in the mission, his accumulated level experience will be deducted from the “Milestone”, so it may happen that you have just reached “Milestone” level 4 and you can challenge the San Francisco stage, but fail on the San Francisco map and the operator disappears, resulting in “Milestone” is relegated and cannot go back to save people.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-16-0-34-23

Funny Question: What if I suck and all the operators go missing

According to previous reports from Ubisoft Montréal, if all operators are missing during the mission, a random operator will be selected to restore their status.

It should be added that it is not difficult for an operator to disappear. Even if you disappear on a high-difficulty map, you can still use the lowest medium difficulty to return to the map to save the operator.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-16-21-59-36

The harder the difficulty, the harder it is to sneak

With the upgrade of milestones, the game stage becomes more difficult as it progresses to the back. However, players can freely choose the difficulty level when challenging the map level. From easy to difficult, they are medium, cautious, difficult, and dangerous. Operators are advised to increase the difficulty level by one level. The higher the level, the more likely the map is to have a “parasitic mutation risk”.

Screen shot 2022-01-20 152726

Screen capture 2022-01-20 153148

Screen capture 2022-01-20 153200

Screen shot 2022-01-20 153214

“Parasitic mutation risk” refers to the random elements of the map environment. For example, the hatching sac will have armor that cannot be shot through with bullets and can only be destroyed by melee combat, or the creeping body is poisonous, or the archaea itself has different changes.

According to the actual measurement, in the case of medium difficulty (the easiest), you can almost ignore the stealth rules, shoot when you see a shadow, and go straight to the mission target. However, when it comes to cautious difficulty, the damage of the archaea will be greatly increased, and the player’s error tolerance will be smaller, but the experience value reward will be higher.

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Unlocking the skin requires “Research Action”

If you think the shape of the operator is too ugly, this game still has additional challenges to unlock the shape reward. If you want to unlock the ornament of the firearm, you must pay attention to the “research action” required for each stage level, you can use it Considered as an achievement challenge, as long as you unlock it, you can successfully get a variety of different modeling rewards.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-16-23-38-46

But if you just want to play as L4D2, you can still

Friends who have been paying attention to the information of “Evacuation from the Restricted Area”, I believe most of them know that the spirit of this game is tactical stealth, and only engage in firefighting and defense when necessary, but such a situation is in medium or cautious difficulty. Almost reliable experience to resolve, only in higher difficulty and dangerous difficulty, there is a need to sneak.

Of course, stealth also means that the game time will be longer, and some players may be willing to challenge, but if you want fast-paced killing monsters and fighting fire, you can unlock the difficult “Special Mission – Four Sides” after reaching milestone level 13 Enemies”.


Although the game process of “Enemies on All Sides” is similar to the previous map, “area blockade” will be added to the mission. In addition to the original mission, you must pass the “area blockade” test to open the next gate.

The biggest feature of “Enemies on All Sides” is that there is no space for sneaking, and there is no hatching sac. All monsters will randomly respawn around the map and attack the player at a fixed time.

Tom Clancys Rainbow® Six Extraction2022-1-18-23-23-54

In other words, in the situation of “surrounded by enemies on all sides”, it is necessary to seize the time to rush to the mission point and remove all the incoming archaea, and the difficulty of this mode is also fixed at the highest level of “danger”. It is very suitable for players who want to shoot and kill monsters. The premise is that you have to unlock some heavy firepower operators such as Tachanka to deal with it better.

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end game goal

For players unfamiliar with R6S or survival shooters like this, playing on medium difficulty with the slowest stealth pace will also unlock milestones above level 13 in under 10 hours (if all your missions are successfully completed).

As for the final goal challenge, it was introduced earlier“Chaos Agreement”, challenge 3 maps with 9 levels on a single stage, and unlock advanced modeling rewards.



On the whole, the process of gradually unlocking operators and technology upgrades in “Evacuation Zone” is lengthy, and fans who have played “The Division” or Ubisoft’s works are also familiar with many game elements are unlocked at the highest level. Only then can you experience the thrill of gunfights or the challenge of stealth.

In other words, although the experience of the early stage can be regarded as a start-up process, many firearms, technologies or operators cannot be unlocked until the later stage, which will remind people of the feeling of gradually cutting the fun of the game in the past. If you are too lazy to practice, you Then you won’t feel the gameplay of “Special Mission” or “Chaos Agreement” later.

Of course, if it is a PvE cooperative survival shooting, “Evacuation from the Forbidden Area” is still quite delicious in terms of firearm performance and environmental atmosphere, and the cutscenes are also jammed a lot. As for how these archaeal cataclysms happened, You may have to join the game yourself to find out.

As for the “Friend Pass” that was officially promised to be launched before, Ubisoft is currently suspending the launch of this feature. If you want to join the game, the most cost-effective option is to join the Xbox Game Pass/PC Game Pass subscription, which is only 299 yuan per month. to join the battlefield.

“Rainbow Six: Escape from the Exclusion Zone” will be available on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC Ubisoft Connect and other platforms on January 20, 2022.

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