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Ukraine: Esposito, monitor cholera but no emergency – Medicine

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Ukraine: Esposito, monitor cholera but no emergency – Medicine


“I would say that this is a situation to be monitored, there is still no real emergency situation. It is a problem reported in Ukraine, due to the difficulties of water supply and the functioning of the sewers due to the bombings. these are problems for refugees welcomed in our country “. This was stated by Susanna Esposito, Full Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Parma and President of the World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid) heard by ANSA on the risk of a spread of cholera outside the Ukrainian borders.

“Always when there are wars, there are epidemics that are dangerous for the local population and also for those who live or are in neighboring areas – he continues – Therefore, vaccination against cholera is recommended for volunteers working in Poland or in other border areas. , which is done orally with two doses administered 1-6 weeks apart “. “The message I would like to give is that there are no emergencies for our realities – explains the expert – Cholera is an infection that occurs following the ingestion of food or the intake of contaminated water and occurs after a short incubation of 2-3 days, with intense diarrhea. Often there is vomiting that aggravates the state of dehydration. There are no problems for those who have arrived in our country for more than a week. However – he concludes – in case of diarrhea coproculture is the examination that allows diagnosis. Therapy is based on rehydration and the use of antibiotics “.

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