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Ukraine: new attack with marine drones, a Russian tanker hit – World

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Ukraine: new attack with marine drones, a Russian tanker hit – World

Russian ports in the Black Sea are a “war risk zone”. The notice, issued by the Ukrainian maritime authorities, certifies that a new front has permanently opened up in the conflict. The demonstration is the second attack in two days against a Russian vessel, this time a tanker, with the notorious sea drones of Kiev, south of the Kerch Strait, near the Crimean bridge. The tanker Sig, one of the largest in the Russian merchant fleet, was attacked on Friday night. A hole appeared in the vessel in the engine room area but did not sink, Russian maritime authorities said, while a video that started circulating on the net apparently showed the naval drone used for the assault.

The raid has not been officially claimed by Kiev, but Ukrainian intelligence sources said the operation was coordinated by the “military services and the Navy”. Again according to the same sources, the SIG was carrying fuel for Moscow’s troops – subject to US sanctions for having brought oil and fuel from Russia to Syria – and was in Ukrainian territorial waters. Thus, a legitimate operation, noted the head of the security service Vasyl Malyk. Just 24 hours earlier, the “Olenegorsky Gornyak”, a Russian landing ship in front of the Novorossiysk base, also in the Black Sea, had been targeted. In this quadrant, the clashes have been on the rise in recent weeks, since Moscow has not renewed the agreement on wheat mediated by Turkey. The invasion forces attacked Ukrainian ports, even those on the Danube, and Kiev reacted: first it intensified its drone raids on Russian territory, in the Crimea, up to Moscow, and now it has moved on to action against enemy ships . Among other things, hitting increasingly distant targets. So much so that now the Ukrainian sea and river transport service has warned any vessel in the area. The warning is of a “military threat in the waters of six Russian ports: Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Sochi, Taman”.

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Moscow, commenting on the attacks on the warship and the tanker, denied or in any case minimized the damages, but at the same time denounced a “terrorist” act against a “civilian ship”, promising a “response”. Yet the alert in the Black Sea remains high. The Defense Ministry also said it had “intercepted and rejected a US Air Force MQ-9A Reaper reconnaissance drone, which was approaching the border”. The hostilities in the Black Sea are worrying the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, who when asked by the Russian agency Tass invited the parties “to refrain from any rhetoric or action that could further intensify the conflict”. An appeal not at all appreciated by Kiev. For presidential adviser Mykhaylo Podolyak Guterres plays “devil’s advocate”, because he did not comment on the “inadmissibility of the escalation when Russia attacked the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and on the Danube”.

However, the fears of the UN would also be shared by the sponsors of Kiev, the United States in the lead. According to the Financial Times, “Joe Biden wants pump prices to remain stable ahead of the elections” and therefore any attack on Russian oil infrastructure risks creating negative repercussions on the energy market. As for the conflict on the ground, Kiev denounced missile attacks on the region of the capital and on the city of Zaporizhizhia where – according to President Volodymyr Zelensky – “the Ukrainian aeronautical company Motor Sich was hit”. Russia claimed the Novoselivske settlement in the Kupiansk area as a result of growing pressure on the Eastern Front. According to the Ukrainian military, the goal of the Russians is to attract defender resources to this area, to hinder the counter-offensive in the south. Meanwhile, tensions remain high in the Baltic. After the diplomatic clash between Warsaw and Minsk over the alleged trespassing of two helicopters, Lithuania has announced that it will close two of its six border crossings with Belarus due to the presence of Wagner mercenaries on its territory. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s men are also alarming Poland, so much so that the two NATO allies are considering completely closing the border to Russia’s allied country.

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