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Ukrainian refugees clog up health care

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Ukrainian refugees clog up health care

PORDENONE – The pandemic that hit hard in the previous two years and that continues to scratch added to chronic absence of personnel in health structures, in particular in Western Friuli, they were already a valid reason to put regional health in difficulty, especially first aid, but in general more services. To this is added another major problem: the arrival of refugees from Ukraine and those in the region who, having entered the Balkan route, are waiting to have a residence permit. It was put in black and white by the healthcare company of Western Friuli, when Joseph Polimeni was still running it.

The report is indicated on the update of the Asfo anti-corruption plan, but it is a rule that is almost certainly included in all the updates of the structures in the area. Well, it should be read that the Covid emergency has been a disruptive event on the health, social and economic level: the pandemic is putting a strain on the structures and health workers, as well as providing opportunities for infiltration of the criminal economy into the local reality. The health emergency has impacted an economic system already in difficulty, reducing the availability of financial liquidity and creating new pockets of poverty and social and psychological hardship. In this situation it is desirable to increase public financial resources both in health care and in favor of productive activities ”.

The document is also very clear on this point. “An important critical issue has emerged in this last period due to the war in Ukraine and the consequent influx of Ukrainian refugees whose Presence increases the pressure on hospital care (PEM emergency room for adults and pediatrics specifically ed.), on the Prevention Department, on general practitioners and on pediatricians in Asfo. To this we must add that the weight of the presence of Ukrainian refugees and non-regular foreigners is also felt on the medical guards. Where did they stay?

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There is one thing to add immediately to avoid misunderstandings: it is certainly not the fault of those who have come to us if there are problems and blockages in the services, they run away from a war and it is sacrosanct to open the doors. The fact is that they rightly use the services and the health service was already engulfed only with patients residing in the province and region. In Pordenone, Ukrainian refugees are around one thousand and 400, even if it is not easy to indicate a right number because having no territorial constraints and no parking obligation, there is also a substantial passage from one province to another. TO Udine, on the other hand, Ukrainian refugees are about two thousand and seven hundred. THEn large part of trafficking in women with children and elderly people. Some of them live in private homes and the rent is paid with the Queen’s money and European funds. In other situations, however, the houses were made available by the municipalities.

In addition to Ukrainian refugees, foreigners are rightfully entitled to benefit from the health services, waiting for a residence permit, requested for humanitarian reasons. In Friuli there are about four thousand who find themselves in this condition, adding also those who had the first refusal from the Commission and resorted to the TAR. Most of them are located in the municipalities. In any case, everyone can have recourse to either a general practitioner, but they are not always informed about where he is, the structures of the health district and obviously the emergency room which remains a beacon since it is always open. It is easy to imagine that in the face of a shortage of staff by now atavistic, the strong influx puts the structures in crisis.

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