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Ukrainian War, Zelensky: in Kherson I witnessed LIVE flood evacuation

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Ukraine, Draghi: crucial EU unity, Russia must be defeated or Europe will be demolished

Europe and the United States must “guarantee Russia’s defeat”, “there is no alternative”, because a victory for Russia “would demolish the European Union”. This is the alarm raised by former premier Mario Draghi, who spoke at MIT in Boston, where he received premier Miriam Pozen. “The war in Ukraine, as never before, demonstrated the unity of the EU in defending its founding values, going beyond the national priorities of individual countries. This unity will be crucial in the years to come”, remarked the ex number one of the ECB in his speech. According to Draghi, the EU must be ”redesigned”, welcoming countries such as Ukraine, the Balkan countries and Eastern Europe”. Not only that, an effort is needed to arrive at a common European defense system. The effects of the conflict will be felt for a long time: “We must prepare for a prolonged period in which the global economy will behave in a very different way compared to the recent past”, that is, there will be “always higher deficits”, because they cannot be financed only with tax increases the challenges facing states, such as the climate emergency.

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