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ULSS9 Liar on Pharmacies, Medical Guard, Tampons and West Nile for Ferragosto

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ULSS9 Liar on Pharmacies, Medical Guard, Tampons and West Nile for Ferragosto

Festivities of August

On the occasion of the ferragostano bridge l’ULSS9 Scaligera company provided a helpful guide on Pharmacies on duty and Continuity Care Service (former Medical Guard)on Buffer Points times e Vaccination Centerswith indications to counter the West Nile Virus.

To find out which pharmacies on duty are open even during the holidays of August, you can consult the index a this page of the ULSS9 website.
In the “button” on the left you can select the date and clicking on “fence“Will be produced on the right thelist of pharmacies open with address and time.

A this link of the AULSS9 website find the list of Continuity Care Service points.

Monday 15th August the Buffer Points of Marsan (from 7.00 to 15.00) e di Saint Boniface (from 9.00 to 15.00).
For times and methods of access to all buffer points, you can click on this link. Monday 15th August all the vaccination centers are closed.
For the times of the hubs on all other days you can visit the ULSS 9 Scaligera website at this page.

Attention and prevention of the spread of West Nile Disease is maximum by the ULSS 9 Scaligera. The action of monitoring e d’intervention on the territory takes place in collaboration with the Municipal administrations of Verona and its province.
The role of citizenship is also fundamental, called a collaborate with ULSS 9 and the Municipalities.
As there is currently no vaccine against this disease, in addition to what has already been done by public institutions (Municipalities and Azienda ULSS 9, AOUI and other medical aids), the only way to avoid infection and disease is escape the mosquito bite.
From this point of view, the contribution that each citizen can offer for becomes very important reduce spread also of the virus from them potentially transportedfollowing a few simple rules that you can also find in the news of the ULSS 9 website:

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– in twilight and evening hours protect the exposed parts of the body with repellents and possibly, if you stay outside for a long time, cover the arms and legs con clothing;
– where possible, equip their homes with mosquito nets – pay maximum attention to stagnant water in their own gardens e terracesperiodically emptying them or, otherwise, dissolving tablets in such stagnant larvicide available at the pharmacy.

A few simple rules which, if applied, can make a difference in reducing West Nile infections in our provincial territory.
For periodic updates, a this page contains the bulletins of the Veneto Region.

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