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University: protest in Palermo for entry test in Medicine – Sicily

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University: protest in Palermo for entry test in Medicine – Sicily

“The pandemic has taught nothing”


(ANSA) – PALERMO, 06 SEPT – Protest sit in this morning at the University of Palermo against the entrance tests to the Faculty of Medicine organized by the autonomous student laboratory.

“The pandemic has taught us nothing. Stop the entrance tests ». This is the writing on one of the banners hanging in front of building 19 in Viale delle Scienze.

“Two years of pandemic – Giovanni Castronovo explains to the megaphone – should have shown everyone how inadequate our health system is: there is a lack of funds, equipment and above all health personnel. Yet, instead of investing to guarantee a health system that is truly public and efficient, able to help those who are ill and cannot afford to go for treatment in private clinics, we still find ourselves with the limited number that every year prevents more than 50,000 aspiring doctors from exercising their right to study and then guarantee everyone the right to health. In Palermo this year 475 places are available in medicine: a pittance, which will force thousands of young people to enroll in other faculties, to emigrate or even not to attend university “.

And even for those who manage to enter and finish their studies with a degree, there will be a new obstacle: the trap of specialization competitions. “Every year more than 15,000 medical graduates are forced to undergo yet another test, which will prevent more than 3,000 of them from specializing,” says the student committee. “With dilapidated or missing structures, patients left on stretchers in the corridors for lack of space, absurd lines in the emergency rooms and endless waiting lists, while doctors and the rest of the medical staff were forced to work triple shifts , or to be recalled despite retirement during the pandemic, how can we think of keeping the number limited? We need new young doctors able to keep the wards and health centers open, neighborhood by neighborhood, country by country “, adds Dario Palazzolo of the Student Laboratory autonomous. (HANDLE).

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