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Unleashed hackers, here’s how to defend yourself

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Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Phishing, so on and so forth. Cyber ​​attacks are reported every day around the world, sometimes with rather hefty ransom demands to get back their data. And in the last year and a half the phenomenon has seen rapid growth, hand in hand with the greater use of the Internet. In Italy, in 2020, there was a general increase in attacks (+ 20%), as reported by the Report on the information policy for security 2020 of the Italian Intelligence. There were many attacks on public bodies and apparatuses, while “the hostile digital actions perpetrated against private subjects mainly affected the banking, pharmaceutical / healthcare and IT services sectors”, reads the report. Cybercrime concerned in particular “the exploitation of known vulnerabilities, phishing activities, as well as the registration of malicious domains in order to deceive users – also through the creation of fictitious portals – in the context of the procedures for disbursement of economic contributions provided for by the provisions introduced with the pandemic crisis “.

And the report continues with other information that is not very reassuring: “Overall, it was highlighted how the hostile actors took advantage, in the pandemic period, of the massive use of agile work and the consequent accessibility from the Internet, via VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections”. Therefore a VPN is not enough to stay protected from cyber attacks carried out through SQL Injection techniques, spear-phishing campaigns (web-shell and Remote Access Trojan-RAT), and Ransomware that have affected both healthcare sector and the Made in Italy industry, “Harnessing for new infection connection modes enabled for smartworking”, The dossier still reports. In terms of outcomes, 2020 “recorded the pre-eminence of prodromal actions to potential attacks (about 53%), followed by those aimed at stealing information from effectively compromised assets (38%). Ultimately, it is believed that the increase in these preparatory actions can be linked to those initiatives to which it was not possible to attribute a clear purpose (62.7%) confirmed, also for 2020, numerically more consistent “.

Yes, the purposes. We do not know what they will do with the illegally stolen data. And this is precisely the most disturbing question. It is essential, today more than ever, to make your home and business network more secure and intrusion-proof and to consider especially the security of endpoint devices, PCs and printers. And here’s why HP has fine-tuned its professional response to this risk scenario: HP Wolf Security, a new integrated portfolio of secure by design PCs and printers, hardware-enforced endpoint security software and security services to protect businesses, professionals and their data from growing cyber threats.

The new solutions from HP Wolf Security are the fruit of over 20 years of research and innovation in safety and take the form of an integrated and multilevel portfolio, for those looking for an innovative protection system. Suffice it to say that Internet-connected endpoints suffered during the pandemic 1.5 attacks per minute globally, as noted by the Rapporto Blurred Lines & Blindspots di HP Wolf Security. And in the same period, the global volume of cyber attacks increased by 238%, with hackers particularly focused on target the devices of employees who work remotely. “In the future, work will be more distributed than ever, with an increasing number of people working from more external locations. This will open up exciting new opportunities for greater mobility, but it will also create new vulnerabilities, ”he explained Joanna Burkey, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), HP Inc.

Per browse, work and print safely It is therefore good to equip yourself with the new HP Wolf Security solutions, which offer a wide range of features ranging from self-healing firmware to in-memory breach detection and threat containment through virtualization, up to cloud-based intelligence for a multilevel protection. Simply put, it reduces the reachable attack area, enables remote recovery from firmware attacks, improves threat data collection, and provides highly reliable alerts. “As endpoint security is increasingly relevant, we took the opportunity to create a more integrated offering to simplify security and anticipate future threats,” he said. Giampiero Savorelli, CEO of HP Italy-. The leading technology of the future will be secure by design and equipped with the intelligence needed not only to detect threats, but to contain and reduce their impact, and to restore quickly in the event of a breach, a situation that could occur at any time, to any of us. HP Wolf Security represents a new generation of endpoint security tailored for the future of work. ”

Giampiero Savorelli, CEO of the Italian branch of HP

The recently integrated HP Wolf Security portfolio is composed of different proposals according to the needs: HP Wolf Security for Business is designed for businesses of any size and includes a portfolio of hardware-enforced security features, included with every business PC purchased; HP Wolf Pro Security, devices, software and services is the package for small and medium-sized enterprises, integrates the Threat Containment based on micro-virtualization, Malware Prevention based on Next-Gen Anti-Virus and Identity Protection, all integrated with HP’s hardware security features that offer superior protection that is easy to acquire, deploy and manage; finally, HP Wolf Enterprise Security, devices, software and services for business and government is the most comprehensive and integrates Sure Access Enterprise to defend mission-critical applications from cyber threats through the exclusive HP isolation technology able to ensure that core applications are fully protected from any malware hidden on the user’s PC, through the creation of hardware-enforced micro-virtual machines (VMs) capable of protecting key applications by creating a virtual air gap between the software and the host PC. Thus, the application and data are securely isolated from the host operating system and from any cyber criminals who may have breached it.

HP has also thought of one new Flexworker offering with HP Wolf Security which enables IT departments to increase employee productivity while protecting corporate networks and data. The new and extended Managed Print Service (MPS) enables IT managers to equip employees working in hybrid environments with secure, company-approved printers that can be monitored and automatically recovered if a device fails to comply with corporate policies. And the service package HP Wolf Essential Security is also included in HP + smart printers, with built-in 24-7 security. HP + printers with Smart Security enable consumers and small businesses to prevent potential malware attacks and prevent information from getting into the wrong hands.

Now you can browse, work and print securely from home with HP Wolf Security. More information on the official website.


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