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Unsustainable shifts in the hospital, nurse commits suicide from too much stress. The complaint: “So we can’t resist”

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Unsustainable shifts in the hospital, nurse commits suicide from too much stress.  The complaint: “So we can’t resist”

And male nurse commits suicide due to unsustainable work shifts at the hospital. The complaint comes from Teresa Rei, president of the Order of Nursing Professions of Naples, who wrote a letter to the governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca. The episode, which took place a week ago, is a reflection of a situation that has become dramatic in all hospitals in Italy.

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“A few days ago a nurse committed suicide. He could no longer handle the unsustainable pace of work and collapsed », « he paid with his life for the stress and fatigue accumulated over the years, testifying to the fact that what we do is highly strenuous work ». The letter-appeal that Teresa Rei, president of the Order of Nursing Professions of Naples, addresses to the governor of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, starts from “a recent and dramatic news story”.

The case, the Order clarifies to beraking latest news Salute, dates back to “a week ago” and concerns “an employee of the Naples polyclinic”. An episode that prompted Rea to write to De Luca «to give at least a sense of humanity and a social value to the tragic death of a colleague» and «to raise an alarm, to make known to all, institutions and citizens, a serious malaise now reached the limits of endurance.

Rea mourns “an important loss for our entire professional community, as well as for his family and loved ones. A sentinel event that I have decided to make public – she specifies – because it touches me deeply, so that it is known and to prevent it from happening again”. The president explains that “in these cases we are talking about burnout syndrome: a set of symptoms that derive from a condition of chronic and persistent stress, associated with the work context” and increasingly frequent, considering that “every day dozens of colleagues report me difficulties and problems. And many say they are exasperated », warns Rea.

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“Nurses are at their limit”

“As president of a large professional community, I am seriously disturbed and concerned,” she confesses. “The nurses are at the limit of their strength”, denounces the Neapolitan Order. «They are exhausted from the inadequate workforce that weighs heavily on everyday work, but which we have endured in silence for more than 10 years – reads the letter – A burden aggravated by a pandemic that does not end, which in over 2 years has broken too much lives among healthcare professionals, especially among nurses, and which requires more than normal daily concentration and dedication. We are embittered », Rea insists.

«For the continuous verbal mortifications, the attacks, the guns pointed at the temple, by a user who is in turn exasperated, the result of accumulated distrust and disservices that do not depend on the nurses. To what has already been said so far, we must add certain outdated organizational models that impose exhausting shifts and unsustainable workloads, but which we endure every day to keep faith with an ethical and professional oath that we are paying dearly for».

«The situation has now become unsustainable, governor – continues Rea in the letter to De Luca – Because in the face of all this, of the unheeded alarms, there is no trace of professional and career development. Let alone economic bonuses. On the contrary, in fact there is a substantial downgrading of the profession due to lack of support operators. And then I must say that the measure is full. Colleagues are fed up with pats on the back, ‘angels’ and ‘heroes’. The nurses of Naples are asking for true dignity to be recognized in a profession that has so far given everything without receiving anything, while always standing by the citizens, working in constant emergencies, falling ill more and worse than any other category, giving up holidays, , career and life plans».

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“Enough cuts to health care”

«It is time to act – exhorts the president of the Order – We must end the cuts of the last 20 years in which health was considered a cost rather than an investment for the community. But what needs to be emphasized is the value of nurses who treat despite fear, the danger of aggression, threats. And we will continue to do so – Rea assures us – with our usual willingness to find shared and sustainable solutions and organizational models. Civilization versus barbarism. However, an ethic that is often misunderstood and mortified by the institutions and sometimes even by our clients themselves. Words and promises are no longer enough. Now – the nurses ask – these must be followed by the facts ».

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