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Urinary incontinence: causes and symptoms

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About two million Italians suffer from urinary incontinence; but what are the causes of this annoying and embarrassing disorder? Let’s find out together in the article below.

According to official data two million Italians between 35 and 75 years of age suffer from urinary incontinence. Added to these are the women who have to deal with this embarrassing disorder in a passing way for example after childbirth.

“Who often suffers from it change your habits”, Says Dr. Marco Soligo, head of the urogynecology clinic at the San Carlo Borromeo hospital in Milan. “She starts going out with her friends less, she doesn’t play sports anymore and limits her social relations to the maximum. But it is a pity, since today the solutions to stop suffering from it are there and they are effective ”.

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The causes of incontinence

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The form of most common incontinence is the one from effort. To provoke it is a weakening of the muscles of the urethra and pelvic floor. In this situation, when the bladder is subjected to pressure, such as during a sneeze, a cough, trivial efforts, a few drops of urine are lost.

The causes? Many. It can begin after delivery, especially if the labor is long and hardworking or if the little one is very big, it is frequent among obese women, since excessive weight causes a sagging of the pelvic floor muscles, inter those suffering from chronic cough such as heavy smokers and after menopause, because the disappearance of female hormones can affect the tone and elasticity of these muscles. It can also be unleashed in a transient way, for example it is typical during pregnancy.

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