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Using radiators incorrectly can lead to serious illness

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Pay attention to how you use the radiators. Incorrect use can make you risk developing even serious diseases. Let’s see some suggestions.

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I radiators at home they are great allies in the cold season. While it is raining outside, there is a lot of humidity, there are cold winds, at home you can stay warm thanks to the action of these devices that dry the air and allow you to stay in good conditions.

But, as in all things, you have to use them correctly. In fact, if they are used incorrectly they can lead to gods health disorders. Living in an environment where radiators are too hot and make the air too dry is not good. Elderly and children can develop respiratory diseases, and in general you can have them dry eyes and sore throat.

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At night, for example, the heating should be turned off. Too hot in the house could cause sleep disturbances,insomnia. Not only that, but living in an environment where heating is not used intelligently can lead to the development of serious diseases, such as diabetes. Let’s see in detail why this can be achieved.

Using radiators correctly is important: you risk insomnia and diabetes

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During the night our body releases melatonin and to do it correctly it needs at least 18 °. Therefore, the temperature in the house should not be kept above otherwise we will not be able to rest properly and we can develop sleep disorders. Similarly, if it is too hot in the house, this can cause weight gain and metabolic-related diseases, as the diabetes.

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You may wonder how this is possible. Staying in a warm environment does not allow the body to burn fat in order to maintain a good temperature. So the fats that are not burned remain in our body. For all these risks, experts recommend keeping a temperature of 21 degrees during the day, no more.

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Finally, remember that it is not necessary to heat all the rooms in the house in the same way. Where you never go, for example, keep the temperature low. So you will avoid wasting energy.

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