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vaccination points also in hospitals

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vaccination points also in hospitals

Vaccinate chronic and frail patients against herpes zoster and pneumococcus but also againstseasonal flu and Covid (with the fourth dose) reaching them with an active offer also in specialist outpatient clinics and hospitals, for example during a check-up or hospitalization with the aim of active prevention and protection of their health and greater defense against infections at higher incidence.

The Campania Region puts in place an ad hoc plan to strengthen and improve the vaccine delivery network in favor of the population most at risk by supporting general practitioners and district vaccination centers with hospital outpatient clinics and inpatient wards dedicated to cancer, multiple sclerosis and diabetic patients , transplanted and awaiting transplantation, heart disease, bronchopathic disease, rheumatic patients, dialysis patients and immune system pathologies and, more generally, to all chronically ill patients.

The project, which has already been on track for the last few weeks, was presented this morning at a working table at the Centro Direzionale promoted by Motore Sanità – which was attended by officials from the Region Pietro Buono and Ugo Tramaarea managers at the offices of the Health Department and general managers of local health authorities and hospitals throughout the region.

“Over the years Campania has reached the main targets set by the Ministry of Health for the assessment of compliance with the purposes of the Lea (essential levels of assistance) for the vaccinations of the national vaccine plan – he said Peter Good operational technical staff manager for Health in the Campania Region – reaching over 95% of the target population vaccinated for the childhood hexavalent and measles, rubella and chicken pox. Now we aim to improve the standard also against pneumococcus, herpes zoster, papilloma and seasonal flu».

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This latest vaccination, against a virus that this year presented itself in a more virulent form and ahead of the Christmas peak, is in 2022 behind the expected percentages. «In 2020, in the midst of the pandemic – Buono underlined – we reached 68% coverage of the reference population aged over 65 and under 5, in 2021 we reached 60% and for this year we are aiming at least to 65% with the hope of reaching, by mid-February, when we will have the second peak of the disease, 75% against 50% coverage in a target population made up of 1 million people included in the over 65 age group ” .

The Region’s Plan for enhancing vaccinations for chronic patients is based on the full use of the Sinfonia IT platform in which to convey the administration data on the model of what has already been implemented during the last two years of anti-Covid vaccinations. The outpatient clinics for the chronic and the RSA themselves and the hospital wards will notify the local ASL of the dose requirements, as will family doctors and pharmacies which, on the basis of an agreement that has just been reached, will also be able to offer and administer the flu shot to frail and over 65 year olds, in particular diabetics and dialysis patients. For this new active intra-hospital offer, the fourth dose of anticovid and the anti-pneumococcal and anti-Zoster vaccination, all the general managers have put in place an action plan that follows the regional indications.

Specific plans illustrated by Pasquale Di Girolamo Faraone, medical director of the Vanvitelli university hospital, by Giuseppe Longo, general manager of the Federico II university hospital, by Anna Iervolino and Giuseppe Fiorentino respectively general and medical director of the Colli company, Rosario Lanzetta, Health Director of AORN Moscati of Avellino, Emma Montella of the health direction of Federico II and Emilia Anna Vozzella, health director of Ruggi d’Aragona of Salerno. Among those present were also Lorenzo Latella, secretary of Cittadinanzattiva Campania, Gianluca Pedicini, national president of the conference of people with multiple sclerosis and territorial referent of the provincial section of Aism, Fabiana Anastasio coordinator of the Camoan diabetic patient associations and Silvia Tonolo, president of the national association of rheumatic patients Anmar .

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«According to the National Vaccine Prevention Plan (PNPV) – he concluded Claudius Zanon, scientific director of Motore Sanità – the category of population groups at risk for pathology consists of those affected by (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, immunodepression, etc.) pathologies which expose them to a greater risk of contracting infectious diseases, often harbingers of serious complications that place the patient at risk of life. For this reason, the National Plan provides a detailed list of health conditions for which immunization is indicated. Examples of preventive intervention are the Herpes Zoster vaccine and the pneumococcal vaccine for elderly and frail patients. For this reason, in addition to the age group of subjects of 65 years, these two vaccinations are offered free of charge to subjects with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular pathology, COPD, asthma and those destined for immunosuppressive therapy and with immunosuppression. But despite these indications and even if these vaccinations have been introduced in the LEA since 2017 for active and free calls, the current vaccination coverage is largely unsatisfactory and requires a series of urgent and well-structured interventions”.

In this wake, the Campania Region is attempting to implement a virtuous model, using hospital centers as a reference point for vaccinations.

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