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Vaccine and third dose, the future passes through local medicine and pharmacies

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“On the third doses we are absolutely ready”. This is assured by the regional councilor for health Raffaele Donini, who is only waiting for the government’s ok to start the regional health ‘machine’. Speaking today in the commission on the epidemiological trend and the vaccination campaign, Donini reiterated: “The future of vaccination will mainly be entrusted to territorial medicine and pharmacies”, which tomorrow will start the reservations for those who have yet to immunize themselves against Covid. In addition to the third anti-Covid dose, 1.4 million flu vaccines are also ready for Emilia-Romagna, a greater number than last year: “we will start like last year between the middle and the end of October. And we will repeat the result of last year “, assures Donini.

As for Covid vaccination, vaccinated with at least one dose rose to 3.3 million in the region, 82.2% of the target, while 73.1% of the target completed immunization. “At the moment we have a few tens of thousands of people booked, but basically we are moving from a system by reservation to a system on initiative”, underlines the commissioner. The over 80s are almost completely immunized, but “the propensity for vaccination of the 20-29 year old group, which has already reached 80.6%, stands out”, even exceeding thirty and forty year olds.

Meanwhile, the grip of Covid in Emilia-Romagna is loosening, albeit slowly. The regional RT is at 0.88 and the incidence is also decreasing, currently it is 87.9 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Not even the saturation of hospital wards is alarming, at 5% in Covid wards (the guard level is 15%), at 5.5% as regards intensive care (the guard level is in this case at 10%). . A “fairly stable trend, which we hope can portend an improvement in epidemiological conditions”, says the regional councilor cautiously

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The director of public health in the Region Giuseppe Diegoli speaks of a “stop in the growth of cases”, but underlines that the situation in Romagna is a “little bit worse” than the rest of the region. Rimini in particular “stands out clearly from the other provinces in terms of incidence, mainly due to tourism and a lower propensity for vaccination”. The age groups most affected by infections in this phase are the 14-19 and 19-24 age groups, among the last to access vaccination, while the Delta variant has now completely supplanted the others: it now concerns 100% of cases .



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