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Vaccines and digitalis done right

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I also got the third dose of the vaccine. I went to the Lazio region website that immediately recognized me, I booked in a pharmacy near my home, the scheduled day I could not find the reservation and I called the call center, in a couple of minutes they answered me and gave me directions, in pharmacy I arrived on time and did not wait even a minute, I had the injection, I went out with a sheet of paper certifying it and in 48 hours my green pass will be automatically updated, it will arrive via the IO app without having to do anything .

All this perfect procedure in Italy only a couple of years ago we would have said that it was science fiction, the future, something unattainable for us. The IT platform would have been unusable or unnecessarily complex, it would have been blocked due to excess access, or it would have made the users’ private data visible, and in the pharmacy my data would not have matched, etc. etc. I did not give random examples: I mentioned things that happened repeatedly in other fields.

All this in short, because we come from an abundant decade of public administration computer disasters: exaggeratedly expensive projects, poorly implemented that in fact did not provide any service. Well this season seems archived. The vaccine system works. It works as if we were in Estonia, the most digitally advanced country in Europe. And instead we are in Italy, 60 million people against one million and 300 thousand in Estonia. Another complexity. For this reason it seemed impossible for us and instead it can be done. It is perhaps the first time that we have seen a digital infrastructure of urgent utility for all to provide a service that meets expectations. It was not taken for granted, and we must not take it for granted. But if we keep doing things right soon we’ll take it for granted. Well designed digital works like this.


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