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Vaccines, Covid: if children set a good example

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* Psychotherapist, professor at the Polytechnic University of Marche, president of the national association Di.Te. (Technological addictions, GAP, cyberbullying)

One credit (and even more than one) must be given to our adolescents: from the most restrictive phases of the pandemic they have shown common sense, respect for safety rules and for each other. They were able to actively wait for the moment to see a boyfriend or girlfriend again, they followed the dad morning after morning, and, although bored in some moments, they remained convinced of the importance of studying as a basis for their future, they used the tools digitally in a creative way, to continue to stay close to their loved ones (and I think of the kids who have created podcasts or videos to send to their loved ones in the hospital because of Covid). Of course, it doesn’t apply to all teenagers, popular wisdom has long known that you can’t make a bundle of a weed. But not recognizing the good intentions with which many have acted would not be equally correct.

The ‘No’ that help to grow. Guys is there a time to go online


Now it’s the turn of the anti-Covid vaccine and the green pass: many teenagers would like to get the vaccine, but not all parents allow them. The most striking case reported in the news is that of a boy from Florence who would like to get vaccinated, while his parents, convinced no-vax, prevent him. Confident of his choice, with the intention of returning to a normal life and with the help of his teachers, the boy consulted a marriage lawyer. Nothing. The health choices for minors concern only the parents, while, as the young man says, you can get high in the disco, do anything that maybe your health endangers you even more than a vaccine, but not make a decision that can help protect your own life and that of others how to get vaccinated. In the end, after a few meetings with the lawyer, president of the Italian Matrimonialist Association, the parents signed their consent.

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Covid vaccine from 12 years old? The doubts of the parents and the answers of the pediatrician

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Let me be clear: the theme here is not to enter into the merits of getting vaccinated or not, but it is to emphasize the good example that the children are setting us to return to a new normal as soon as possible. Where you can also go through the emotional, psychic and physical whirlwind that is adolescence, as has always been done, clashing, rebelling, and confronting others.

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If you continue to keep them in a bubble, if you don’t allow them to talk to us about their motivations, their ambitions, if we don’t ask them what sources they consulted to feed their thoughts and beliefs, and if you don’t makes them choose responsibly, then they are being over-protected. And, once again, popular wisdom has already known this for some time: too much is good. The risk is that too much protection turns into less growth for our children, that they do not know how to choose independently when they are older and that they do not know how to face the challenges that life, sooner or later, asks all of us to overcome. This, in all probability, could also trigger another vicious circle: young people may feel alone, left alone, they may feel even more misunderstood.

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Covid vaccine for teens: questions and answers

In doing so, mental health would suffer even more: depression, anxiety, panic attacks and more could emerge and burden even more the very tiring last year and a half that we all carry on our shoulders. Let’s listen to them more, and if their choice does not coincide with ours, let’s investigate how they documented themselves and what is the goal they want to achieve by accomplishing it. We express our disagreement, but let’s motivate it, carefully, as we ask them to do towards us. Comparison, healthy, balanced, and aimed at understanding, has always made us grow responsibly. At times, it has even shown us that children are an example for us adults.


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