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Vaccines, mandatory for school, doctors, nurses and law enforcement: here’s how to book

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Today is the first day of the Super Green pass but a new countdown has already started for a further crackdown on the anti-Covid front. From 15 December, in fact, the obligation of the third dose of the vaccine against Sars Cov-2 has been activated for healthcare personnel. And again from 15 December an even more demanding rule comes into force, that is the obligation to have a vaccine also for the administrative staff of health, for all teachers and administrative staff of the school, for the military and for the police, penitentiary police included.

“Third booster dose for vaccinated and recovered after 5 months”. New circular of the Ministry of Health: what changes

Super Green pass, i numeri

Overall, the obligation concerns nearly two million Italian public workers, of which nearly 400,000 wear the “stars” as military or militarized police forces (such as the carabinieri and financiers) or play the role of public officials. This is a very delicate sector because it is known that both policemen and carabinieri have areas of several thousand “No vax” fortunately concentrated in a few areas. For example, the prefecture of Trieste has announced in recent days that about 28% of the members of the police forces of the province of Trieste have not yet been vaccinated. However, it is impossible to make precise calculations.

Unvaccinated cases decreased

Out of a national staff of about 107,000 carabinieri, for example, in mid-October there were 94,356 who had joined the vaccination campaign organized by the Arma. And those who miss the appeal may still have been vaccinated by the ASL and not having communicated it to the commands as allowed by the privacy law. Then there are to be calculated the positives of the last few months that must be vaccinated after recovery and the exempt people who have allergies or other disorders that do not allow vaccination. However, according to the statements of some police unionists, the number of unvaccinated cases among the police has decreased significantly in recent weeks. The counter-proof comes from the collapse of infections and hospitalizations: if in the spring there were 60 policemen a day hospitalized (with some painful deaths) today we are on an average of 2/3 cases a day of new hospitalizations throughout Italy.

How to book

In any case, in view of the obligation both health workers and members of the police would do well to book the administration. For any doubt, the Lazio Region has activated a toll-free number: 800 118 800. Let’s start with the third dose for healthcare professionals. In the vast majority of cases, both doctors and nurses who have to receive the third dose have already done so because almost all of them have already exceeded the minimum limit of 5 months after the second dose. For them, however, each Region and consequently each ASL has prepared an ad hoc path. From today, however, it is possible to make any reservations using the instructions that all the Health Authorities or Hospitals have sent to each employee in recent days. In the rare cases of starting the vaccination cycle (and therefore of the first dose), it is not necessary for health personnel to book and – where it is considered more convenient – just show up at the regional vaccination hubs spread throughout the national territory.

What documents are needed

On the day of administration, you must bring an identity document, the medical history form and informed consent, both completed and signed. Downloading them from the internet is very easy by following the instructions linked to the booking confirmation. The forms can also be requested from the Vaccinal Center.

The knot of the forces of order and the military

Also for the military and for the Police Forces each Region – after having signed agreements in the spring with the individual regional commands of each structure on the basis of the indications of the prefectures – is reopening the vaccination channels used in recent months. Here, too, most of the soldiers are already vaccinated and a good portion has also made the third dose in the structures indicated by the commands or in the hubs, following the channels used by all the other Italians. The reason is similar to that of health professionals: in February 2021 – when there was a shortage of vaccines – the members of this category were included among the categories that were protected before the others and therefore the 5 months after the second dose in many cases have already passed. Anyone wishing to book the vaccine must follow the instructions of the Commands or Regions of residence. Also for the military and policemen at the time of administration, the documents indicated for health professionals are required.

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