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Vaccines, the third dose for 24,000 health workers is underway

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It is a new piece that adds to the autumn mosaic. The date had already been set at the beginning of last week, and then confirmed on Saturday by a note that the Welfare Directorate-General of the Region sent to the Lombardy Ats and Asst:

from Monday 11 October the phase of the “booster” dose will also open for health and social health workers. The campaign of the third inoculations thus begins to travel in parallel on several strands: the incipit was written from September 20 with the “additional” dose to the immunocompromised (18 thousand in Bergamo), since last Monday the “booster” dose began. over 80 (about 76 thousand in the province of Bergamo, but calculating that the third dose is to be administered six months after the second dose, it drops to a current audience of about 66 thousand over eighty) and now about 24 thousand white coats are added. The 6,000 guests of the RSA remain on standby due to the stop of Moderna as a vaccine for the third dose, but news is expected from today. In short, it will be another important week of work.

The note from the Region specified some operational details. For example, the involvement in the third dose is also confirmed for “non-health workers” who, however, work in hospitalization and care facilities, for example hospitals: this was also the case for phase 1-A of the vaccination campaign, that is, for the very first inoculations started from January 2021, considering the potential exposure to the virus of those who work in the hospital every day even though they are not strictly a white coat, as in the case of “administrators” or those who take care of canteens or cleaning. Logistically, the Region has identified two ways for this third “round”: “Health workers who work in a hospitalization and care facility organized to offer vaccination to their employees – explained the note signed by Giovanni Pavesi, general manager of Welfare of Lombardy Region – can be vaccinated at their workplace (hospitals, clinics, etc., public and private). The other operators exercising the health professions will be able to access the vaccination offer at the vaccination centers through the dedicated regional booking platforms ». In summary, white coats can be (re) vaccinated either in the hospital or in hubs.

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