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Vaccines, WhatsApp launches stickers created with WHO

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Vaccines enter smartphones, but not in the form of a booking app to receive your dose. For now they are just happy drawings of a world to come While in Europe the organizational machinery of the vaccination campaign is complicated, after the new indications of Ema (European Medicines Agency), Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency) on AstraZeneca, a new package of stickers with different icons is available on WhatsApp. A puncture on the arm, a goal cut, a group of friends dancing without a mask, a doctor who makes tampons, a calendar with a syringe.

These are some of the images of “Vaccines for All” that the messaging system has created in collaboration with the World Health Organization. “These stickers – explains Whatsapp on his blog – were designed with the aim of helping users to communicate in a creative and fun way and to express joy, relief and hope regarding the possibilities offered by the anti Covid-19 vaccines, with privacy. It can also become a further opportunity to show gratitude to health workers, who have worked tirelessly to save lives in this long and difficult period ”.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, Whatsapp highlights having started collaborations “with more than 150 state, national and local governments, as well as organizations such as WHO and Unicef, to build assistance channels aimed at providing accurate information and resources about Covid-19 to over 2 billions of people “.

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