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Vaccini, Silvio Brusaferro: “Third dose very likely”

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“A third dose of the vaccines WILL be very likely.” According to the president of the National Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro: “The situation is constantly improving, the combination of social distancing measures with the progressive growth of vaccination has given us this result. We must continue to be cautious, but already three Regions have white-wall numbers and it is foreseeable that, week after week, others will be added “. However, it is not clear that we are still in a delicate phase. Also due to the unknown variants: “To date, the English variant, in fact, is dominant in Italy. We have registered the presence, albeit to a lesser extent, of cases of the Brazilian, South African and Nigerian women. we have some reports, but they are largely linked to returns from the Asian country “.

Covid vaccine: how long does it protect us? Check the hypothesis of the third recall

by Donatella Zorzetto

Brusaferro still recommends the use of the mask: “It is important to regain new levels of freedom. We are still in a transition phase. What we can say – he adds – is that we are faced with scenarios of progressive improvement, and this is very positive”.

Covid and school, the rules to avoid contagion

by Fabio Di Todaro

“A third dose is needed for Pfizer vaccine after 9 months,” confirms BioNTech
Underlining the need to cope with the loss of immunity over time and the importance of the dose of the third vaccine against Covid was also clearly expressed Franco Locatelli, president of the Higher Council of Health (Css) and coordinator of the Cts, heard in the hearing in the Health Commission in the Senate on vaccines against Covid-19. “It is reasonable to think that the protective capacity of vaccines should be maintained for ten months. But it is also possible that this time interval will be extended. Probably at a distance of ten months or more.”

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Pfizer: “Third dose of vaccine may be needed within 12 months”

by Fiammetta Cupellaro


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