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Valentina Magalotti at the Dubai Fitness Championship

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Valentina Magalotti at the Dubai Fitness Championship

On his Instagram profile a photo of him shouting “I did it” to announce that hard work always pays off. Valentina Magalotti, from Rome, thirty-two years old and always in the world of sport, in fact she made it: is the first Italian to have qualified for the Dubai Fitness Championship in the Woman Pro division, the most prestigious category for Crossfit athletes.

Valentina Magalotti is certainly not new to participation in top-level competitions in the world of Crossfit. She ended 2021 with an overall first place at the Fall Series Throwdown and in 2022 we saw her competing in the Semifinals of the Games at the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown. But this participation in the Dubai Fitness Championship, which will be held from 2 to 4 December in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, marks an important turning point in her life as an athlete.

“I am very excited about the idea of ​​representing Italy in such an important competition and it is my intention to do my best what I can do. This is the way I would like to give something back to all those who support me. For me it will be a privilege to be on that competition field. “

Valentina’s sporting history begins as a child when she started with artistic gymnastics, an individual sport where perfection counts and where practice pays off. She dreamed of doing something great in sport but she – she says – “in gymnastics I think I have not met people and so I stopped at a pre-competitive level”.

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Classical high school and degree in Economics and Business Management then a master in Sports Management and in the meantime hard work in the gym as a fitness teacher.

“I immediately discovered that being behind a desk was not for me – continues Valentina. – I met Crossfit thanks to my sister who introduced me to Yuri Elena who has always been my coach. It was love at first sight. I felt born to do it. I had to learn everything from scratch, also considering that when I was doing artistic gymnastics as a child in our gym there were not even parallels “.

The work of Alexander Nelson, director and producer of Azimuth Film Company, is also focusing on Valentina’s intensive training, who has decided to tell the story of this brilliant athlete in a documentary. He has been following her for two years now and certainly the next events in Dubai and Miami will be very important to complete the story with iconic moments of this sport for Italy and for all the girls who will see Valentina as a source of inspiration.

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