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Valerio Scanu: “I was sick, they took out half a lung”

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Valerio Scanu: “I was sick, they took out half a lung”

Singer Valerio Scanu spoke today for the first time about disease that struck him in 2020. The revelation, while she was a guest in Serena Bortone’s studio on ‘Today is another day’ on Rai1. Commenting on the video, which has gone viral on social media, of the marriage proposal to his partner Luigi and recounting the happy moment he is experiencing in this phase of his life, he did not hide some difficult moments he had to overcome: in addition to the death of his father due to Covid, revealed that he had lung cancer in 2020, right during the pandemic.

“That period when I was ill, they removed half my lung, I shielded my family a little by minimizing it, I didn’t want anyone to come, and a little because I wanted to be a hero… but if Luigi had been there I’m sure that he would have been close to me…”.

“We have always called it the ‘small tumor’, even my doctor has always called it that. It was something not even two centimeters long, so a histological examination could not be done because it was very central, and doing a needle aspiration could more damage than completely vacuuming the part. Someone would tell me ‘it’s a scar from pneumonia, some others ‘we don’t like it’, but I told my father it was a scar…”.

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