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Vandals in action, gym hit twice in two days

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Vandals in action, gym hit twice in two days

Twice victims: first a theft and then vandalism. There is no peace for the gym in via Fiume in Nova Milanese. In the first incursion, unknown persons unhinged a wardrobe and then stole a valuable music box, used for essays and outdoor initiatives. The next day, they found everything literally upside down: a series of vandalisms that led to massive damage still being quantified. Seriously damaged parallel beams, in addition to having destroyed a mini electronic scoreboard, opened the synthetic ice, and rendered the medical equipment in the first aid station unusable.

The most serious damage

The biggest damage was done with fire extinguishers: the vandals poured “blue dust” on the gym floor, mattresses and all the tools. The gymnastics club thus had to reorganize its business both as regards the “summer camp” by moving to another municipal gymnasium, while the competitive gymnast sector that will be involved in the national championships from Saturday asked for hospitality to a “friend” club “by Nova Milanese. In the meantime, investigations are underway by the carabinieri committed to identifying those responsible. Pending news, the municipality is cleaning and restoring the spaces, while the Asd Elga Sport saw the solidarity contest: many parents offered to help put everything back in place.

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