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Vantage Foundation partners with IREDE Foundation to support amputee children in…

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Vantage Foundation partners with IREDE Foundation to support amputee children in…

23.02.2024 – 18:36

Vantage Foundation

Lagos, Nigeria (ots/PRNewswire)

The Vantage Foundation is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the IREDE Foundation. The IREDE Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to ensure that children aged 0 to 18 living with missing limbs in Nigeria can lead independent lives by providing them with prosthetics.

IREDE founder Crystal Chigbu’s daughter was born in 2009 with a congenital limb malformation that required amputation at 27 months old. Since then, her daughter has been dependent on a prosthesis. Recognizing that there was a significant lack of resources for children like her daughter, Crystal founded the IREDE Foundation in 2012 to change the landscape of disability in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The Vantage Foundation visited the IREDE Foundation in February to pledge support for their cause. “We are excited to support the IREDE Foundation to positively impact the lives of Nigerian children with limb loss,” said Steven Xie, Executive Director of the Vantage Foundation. “As a partner of the IREDE Foundation, we will holistically support these champions in Nigeria give them the opportunities they deserve to thrive.”

Since its inception, the IREDE Foundation has been at the forefront of advocating for and empowering these children it calls “champions.” They have provided over 528 custom-made prosthetics free of charge to 479 children in 35 states in Nigeria and they have continued to maintain and replace these prosthetics as the children grow, increasing these children’s access to education and giving them the opportunity to pursue their dreams by providing educational scholarships.

“IREDE is honored to have Vantage Foundation representatives visit us in Nigeria and see our vision become a reality through our champions,” said Crystal. “Together, we are creating a more inclusive world for all.”

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Information about the Vantage Foundation

The Vantage Foundation is an independent charity established at the McLaren Technology Center in the UK with support from the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the 2023 NEOM McLaren Extreme E Team. For more information, visit www.vantage.foundation

Information about the IREDE Foundation

Founded in 2012, the IREDE Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with limb loss in Nigeria. For more information, see


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Steven Xie,
Executive Director,
Vantage Foundation,
[email protected]

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