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Veronica Lario speaks for the first time about the health conditions of her ex-husband Silvio Berlusconi

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Veronica Lario speaks for the first time about the health conditions of her ex-husband Silvio Berlusconi

Also come the words of Veronica Lario on Silvio Berlusconi. L’Knight’s ex-wife it was intercepted by reporters outside the +Europe conference and for the first time commented on the disease from which the leader of Forza Italia is afflicted.

The words of Veronica Lario

Stopped by journalists at the Più Europa conference on Saturday 13 May at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, focused on the issues of work and economic policy, Veronica Lario answered questions about her ex-husband.

Who asked what were the health conditions di Berlusconi, still hospitalized at San Raffaele for pneumonia and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia since April 5, Lario replied: “he’s sick, he’s suffering, but he’s giving it his all”.

The screening of Silvio Berlusconi’s video message at the Forza Italia convention on 6 May

Then they ask if she visited him in the hospital in recent weeks, but she does not grant answers. “It’s a very personal questionI’d rather not answer,” he limits himself to saying.

On Friday 12 May, in addition to his brother Paolo and daughter Barbara, he also visited Berlusconi in the hospital Faithful Confalonieripresident of Mediaset and historic friend of the leader.

Matteo Salvini’s comment

Also Matthew Salvinicommented on the state of health of Silvio Berlusconi, whose conditions continue to appear serious.

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Speaking in Brescia, in support of the mayoral candidate’s electoral campaign Fabio Rolfi, Salvini spoke of the strength of the former prime minister, defining him “A lion”

“It makes me proud of this community, it is a great Italian and a great friend and manhe also added.

Berlusconi’s latest videos

They were 2 i video with which Silvio Berlusconi showed himself to the public and intervened in political life.

The first is the one created on the occasion of the Forza Italia conventionthe other for send citizens to vote in local elections.

The latter was also made by a television crew inside the San Raffaele, using a set similar to that of the first video: a light blue background, the flags of Italy and Europe and a photograph of him with the “Forza Silvio” symbol behind it.

“Having a warm greeting to all. I am still and unfortunately at the San Raffaele. But for you I also put on a shirt and jacket this morning ”, she began.

“Allow me to disturb you again – he continued – to remind you that local elections for mayors and administrators will take place on Sunday and Monday in seven hundred Italian municipalities and cities. Here, I would like to remind all our fellow citizens of the duty to go and vote, because those who do not vote leave it to others to decide on the future of his municipality and his city, therefore those who don’t vote are not good citizens, they are not good Italians“.

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Photo source: ANSA

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