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Andrea Crisanti’s ‘psychological terrorism’ continues unabated against those who do not want to receive their dose of vaccine to prevent Covid. In the July 8 episode of In Onda, the virologist and full professor of Microbiology in Padua is a guest of Concita De Gregorio and David Parenzo and from the La7 study launches a shocking proposal to minimize the percentage of unvaccinated people: “The problem of people who do not want to vaccinate is extremely complex and must be dealt with by trying to understand why they do not want to do it. There are people who do not get vaccinated because there are religious reasons and there is nothing they can do about it and they cannot even be forced to get the vaccine. Then there are people who are afraid and they are many and there a lot can be done to convince them. And finally there are other people who do not want to vaccinate for injury. The best deterrent there is is to remove health coverage if they catch Covid, that is, make them pay for it. A day in intensive care costs 2500 euros, I don’t understand why the health service has to pay for it since it is something that they procured from them. I’m sure this can be an extremely good incentive. You don’t get vaccinated, but – adds Crisanti in connection – if you get sick you pay for everything ”.

Hot curtain and pushed metaphors between Sallusti and Concita De Gregorio.  The frost of Porec

From the study, Parenzo asks what the consequences could be in the case of a high percentage of unvaccinated: “Certainly – replies Crisanti – the more people are not vaccinated, the more difficult it is to achieve herd immunity and reach a balance with the virus. This problem represents a social burden. If there is transmission, there are people who get sick and go to intensive care at which point measures may be needed in contrast to the economic recovery. These people do a huge amount of damage to the community. They hurt themselves and their family. Those who do not get vaccinated for ideological reasons are the minority, correct communication can make a difference on a large slice of people. If an unvaccinated one, having had the chance to get vaccinated, goes to the hospital then he should pay. The life of people – reiterates and concludes Crisanti – costs 2500 euros a day, everyone wants to pay 15-20 thousand euros.


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