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Via Toffetti gym, goodbye to doubling: «Too expensive»

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Via Toffetti gym, goodbye to doubling: «Too expensive»

The municipality of Crema has decided not to proceed with the planned doubling of the capacity of the Alina Donati gym in via Toffetti due to the high cost of over 2 million euros. The project, which was commissioned to architect Enzo Bettinelli, aimed to increase the capacity of the gym to 1,000 seats in order to meet the requirements for Pallacanestro Crema’s promotion to Serie B1.

Mayor Fabio Bergamaschi commented on the decision, stating that while the construction of a multifunctional building is a necessity, the current project for the Toffetti gym is not feasible due to the high costs involved. The decision has left Lorenza Branchi, the director of Pallacanestro Crema, resigned as the team may have to continue playing in a facility far from the city if they remain in Serie B1 next year.

Branchi is now urging the Municipality to carry out the intervention on the Cremonesi gym, which had been put on hold. She also expects the Province to follow through on the announced interventions at the gym in via Dogali, where the youth teams play. Despite the setback with the Toffetti gym project, Pallacanestro Crema is focused on achieving salvation in the current sporting season.

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