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Vicchio Unveils New Outdoor Gym: Promoting Fitness, Wellbeing, and Sociality

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Vicchio Unveils New Outdoor Gym: Promoting Fitness, Wellbeing, and Sociality

Vicchio Opens “Open-Air Gym” to Promote Fitness and Well-being

Vicchio, Florence – The town of Vicchio celebrated the grand opening of its new “Open-air gym” on Friday. The inauguration ceremony took place in the green area of via Costoli and was attended by Mayor Filippo Carlà Campa, councilor for Sport Rebecca Bonanni, coordinator of Sport and Health Tuscany Alessandro Viti, and several notable figures in the sports industry.

The event was also attended by local associations, including the Tennis Club Terrarossa, Pugilistica Vicchio, Oppla’ with calisthenics instructors, Cavallo Nero, Pro Loco, Gruppo Alpini, and Banco Alimentare. The presence of citizens further highlighted the importance of promoting physical activity and social interaction in the community.

Mayor Filippo Carlà Campa, delivering his speech, expressed gratitude for the national project promoted by the company “Sport and Health” and Anci, in collaboration with the municipality. He emphasized the significance of providing citizens, regardless of age, with an equipped fitness area in a public green space. The goal is to offer additional opportunities for outdoor physical activity, promoting not only physical well-being but also psychological and social well-being.

Alessandro Viti, coordinator of Sport and Health Tuscany, highlighted the relevance of the project, stating that “Sport in the Parks” aims to unite the entire country through outdoor gyms. The aim is to enhance public spaces, including gardens, green areas, and parks, by installing permanent and digitized sports equipment. These facilities are designed to enable everyone to engage in physical activity, without any limitations, and to support their mental and physical well-being.

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Following the official speeches, practical and demonstration activities were carried out on the QR Codes installed on each piece of equipment. The area is digitalized and connected to other similar areas already established throughout Italy. Users can access tutorials and training programs by scanning the QR Codes with their smartphones. The initiative was conceived by Sport e Salute and promoted in collaboration with ANCI, with the objective of promoting healthy lifestyles and improving the psycho-physical conditions of individuals.

The project required an investment of €18,300, which was equally shared between Sport and Health and the municipal administration. The Technical Service of the municipality took charge of the installation work in the designated area, spanning 140 square meters. The Fitness Area includes six pieces of equipment, catering to different age groups and abilities.

To make use of the facilities, individuals simply need to bring their smartphones and scan the QR Codes provided. Legendary sports personalities, Jury Chechi and Anzhelika Savrayuk, will serve as virtual coaches, guiding users through their training sessions. This innovative approach aims to make fitness accessible to all, at any time of the day.

The “Open-air gym” in Vicchio represents a significant step forward in the town’s efforts to promote a healthy and active community. By providing easily accessible fitness equipment and incorporating technology, the municipality is striving to improve the well-being and social cohesion of its residents. With this successful collaboration between Sport and Health, the municipality, and local associations, the people of Vicchio can look forward to enjoying the benefits of the new “Open-air gym” for years to come.

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