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Vigarano Mainarda, child fell in the gym: the former mayor and two municipal technicians on trial

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The 12-year-old fell from 4 meters from the skylight which gave way. Now all under accusation for not having secured it

VIGARANO MAINARDA. Little Emma fell to the gym floor from the skylight, which gave way from a height of 4 meters: she was 12 years old, in June three years ago when the accident occurred. Then, fortunately, he suffered serious fractures and major injuries, for a prognosis of more than 40 days.


Serious, very serious injuries that have become a trial against those who should have prevented her from falling, from that skylight of the terrace of the municipal gymnasium of Vigarano Mainarda, in via Pasolini, not secured.

There are three people now on trial in court: the former mayor Barbara Paron, and the two municipal technicians Federica Urselli and Stefano Dosi, head of the technical office and head of the accident prevention service of the Municipality, summoned to trial by the prosecutor Andrea Maggioni. Yesterday morning, after the first exceptions, the hearing was postponed to next April 5 to assess whether the civil party can be compensated and close its role in the trial (the child’s family is represented by the lawyer Silvia Fasolin). And after these judicial tasks, the process can start at the next appointment in the courtroom. According to the facts recorded by the prosecutor and investigators after the accident of 7 June three years ago, that skylight located on the terrace of the municipal gymnasium should have been secured: hence the fault of the three accused (assisted by the lawyers Denis Lovison, Simone Bianchi and Alessandra Palma), in competition, for the role of top management in the administration and management of public things, for not having repaired it, preventing the accident from happening.

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Which, we reiterate, triggered the fall for which the child suffered several serious fractures to the head and maxillofacial which then over time required long hospitalizations and above all surgery. At the next hearing on April 5, therefore, after evaluating any insurance compensation for the child’s family, the process will begin with the charges and disputes of the prosecutor before the single judge.

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