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Vikey and the other new startups entered into the Italian Tech database

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There is Vikey, a startup that wants to innovate the hospitality sector, and there is The Portal, which develops games also using virtual reality technologies. But there are also Trusters, Sealence, EasyPol, Design Italy, Aimage and SPICI: these are the 8 new startups that have entered the Startup Database of Italian Tech which debuted on 23 September last (here the explanation of the reasons and objectives). Here is more in detail who they are and how they grow.

Trusters is a startup founded in 2018 by Andrea Maffi. It has developed a real estate crowdfunding platform, a collective financing system that, through online fundraising by multiple investors, allows you to invest in real estate. The company, based in Milan, in 2020 closed an equity crowdfunding campaign on the ClubDealOnline portal, raising 400 thousand euros.

The Portal is an Apulian startup from Barletta which has developed a multi-user and deeply immersive hardware and software solution for the gaming sector thanks to virtual reality. Founded by Alessandro Martire, in 2020 it closed a round of 430 thousand euros participated by Auriga and CDP Venture Capital SGR (through its Fondo Italia Venture II).

Vikey is a startup based in Rome which develops smart and contactless solutions for hospitality and hospitality businesses. Founded by Luca Bernardoni, the company closed in 2020 an investment round of 800 thousand euros in which CDP Venture Capital Sgr – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione participated through the Acceleratori Fund, the partners of Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), LVenture Group and other businesses angel.

Sealence is a startup active in the nautical sector which launched at the end of 2020 an equity crowdfunding collection on the Crowdfundme platform for the development of the DeepSpeed ​​project. It raised 500 thousand euros.

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EasyPol is a startup that deals with digital payments founded in 2018 by Gianluca Ventola, Matteo Preziotti and Mohamed Fadiga. In 2020 it closed an investment round of 500 thousand euros participated by CDP Venture Capital through its Accelerators Fund, Fondazione CR Firenze, Nana Bianca, Dipax Holding and ACubo Holding.

Design Italy is a startup active in the ecommerce sector and the Digital Export of Italian design products. Founded in 2018 by Roberto Ferrari and Paola Serena, in 2020 it raised 500 thousand euros on the 200Crowd platform.

Aimage is a startup that develops artificial intelligence solutions for marketing: it was founded by Giovanni Bennato in 2017. In 2020 it raised 520 thousand euros on Mamacrowd.

SPICI is a startup founded in 2019 by Vincenzo Lipardi, Amedeo Manzo and Chiara Romano and works with companies, universities and startups to facilitate the creation of new digital solutions and support the development of the innovation ecosystem.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech DB: today the Italian Tech database counts 369 cards at startup.


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