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Villa San Martino, mayor Ricci media on parking but the gym is not touched

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Villa San Martino, mayor Ricci media on parking but the gym is not touched
PESARO Villa San Martino, rebus stop with the new gym. The mayor brings 3 proposals to the residents, which become 5. No one wants parking spaces in the school garden. Fears of the inhabitants for the noise, “the machinery will be moved” and there are also those who do not want the plant in the neighborhood. It was certainly an animated evening of public assembly, with some more heated moments, that of Monday evening in the swimming pool in via Togliatti, as could be expected.

The knot

The operation of the new sports facility in extension to the current Facchini swimming facility carries with it the hot knot, for Villa San Martino, of the stop. And it is precisely on a range of proposals submitted to the residents, who have added two more, as well as giving answers on the problems related to the noise of the current and future plant, that the mayor Matteo Ricci first of all wanted to discuss. But Ricci hasn’t backed down a millimeter on the opportunity of the gym. «But what an eco-monster, we are talking about a strategic project, worth 4 million, which involves the construction of a new gym in via Togliatti. In addition to becoming Vuelle’s training ground, it will be the headquarters of the Italian Basketball Federation: a national pride for Pesaro Città dello Sport».

Stop chapter

To build the new plant, 16 parking spaces will be eliminated “which will be recovered, and multiplied, with the 52 parking areas that will be created in via Paganini”. Three proposals initially submitted to the assembly by the mayor, accompanied by councilors Riccardo Pozzi and Mila Della dora, together with the president of Casa Vuelle Luciano Amadori. First hypothesis: parking in via Paganini (52 spaces) plus a new parking lot behind the Villa San Martino field, in place of the skate rink (30 spaces). Car park in via Paganini, plus a new 40-seat permeable car park in the garden of the Don Bosco school. Same solution and locations, but with 58 more seats than the 52 in via Paganini. During the evening, the solutions rose to 5: after hearing that someone would like to avoid a second parking area, to discourage the use of cars, the “zero option” arrived, i.e. only the parking lot in via Paganini from 52 spaces, together with the arrangement of the parking lot in via Scarlatti. A resident, Giovanni Milani, after having criticized the heart of the operation, «Villa San Martino was a modern neighborhood, with lots of greenery. It’s wrong to build a building in this area, everyone will come here», he looked at the possibility of not building the cycle path, doubling the parking spaces on via Paganini from 52 to 104. And the mayor accepted it. And they are 5.

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The reduction

But from the roster, it appears that at least 3 have already been discarded. The 2 parking lots in the garden of the Don Bosco school, after the chorus of no, amid grunts and interventions into the microphone, which arrived from the hall. And the sacrifice of the cycle path will hardly pass. What about the ventilation system? «The soundproofing rules are very strict – underlines Pozzi – with this project the machinery is moved 30 meters further away from the houses». For Daniele Lazzari of Gruppo Zero «it was more logical to build the facility in the basketball citadel at Torraccia. The Prg envisaged a smaller structure and then relied on the exceptions, to go and build a reinforced concrete box ». Francesco Ferri is pressing: «It’s only right that Vuelle has a home for training and the victory of the competition is positive. But the urban issue is not given a priority, there are many unused parking lots around the Vitrifrigo Arena».


Replies from Ricci, «no urban variant, the gymnasium is foreseen in the Prg. People will come, but without excesses, it’s not the Vitrifrigo Arena, there won’t be matches. The citadel of sport provided for the stadium. If I had proposed a 2,000-seat facility, the ideal place would have been that of Torraccia. But this is a gym.” The director of the New Works Maurizio Severini, in addition to reassuring those present on compliance with all the technical and regulatory parameters, spoke of the absolute relevance between the rendering and the final position of the structure, in response to Lazzari, who instead argued that in the rendering the position of the implant is different from what it will be in reality. Now the ball passes to the District for the final choice on parking before bringing the final parking plan to the city council.

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