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Vincenzo and Giusy Gualzetti, Chiara’s parents got married: “It was her wish”

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Vincenzo and Giusy Gualzetti, Chiara’s parents got married: “It was her wish”

Monteveglio (Bologna), 9 June 2023 – Un smile on the face of someone who has suffered and continues to suffer since when Clare is gone. They married Vincenzo and Giusy Gualzettiparents of the girl barbarously killed from a peer now two years ago.

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“It was Chiara’s great desire, we are sure who was there next to us today”. With these words, the parents of the 15-year-old made it known that they were get marriedthrough a short post posted on Facebook.

A photo shows them together with the mayor of Valsamoggia Daniele Ruscigno, also present on the day of the tragedy. The mayor has celebrated the wedding at the hospital of Bazzanowhere the woman is hospitalized for some treatments.

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Murder Chiara Gualzetti, the father:

“We got married with great joy but with death in our hearts. It was Chiara’s great desire”, said the Dad Vincentthanking the mayor Ruscigno, the commander of the Bazzano carabinieri station Francesco Farina, the witnesses and all those who participated to make this day special.

The tragedy of Chiara Gualzetti

The murder took place ion June 27, 2021 in the park ofMonteveglio Abbey, a few steps from the house where Chiara lived with her parents. The girl was stabbed and kicked and punched by what she believed was a friend of hers, the 16-year-old who had lured her into a trapand then kill her.

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The young killer, who has been since the day of the murder in prison at di Pratello, then confessed to the investigators that he had acted because he was guided by a demon. In March of this year, the appeal was confirmed for the boy, who in the meantime had come of age sentenced to 16 years and four months.

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