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Violence against women — Health

Lori: “A consolidated network that works. Together to prevent and combat this social emergency and promote cultural change.” From the Income of Freedom to the culture of respect that is learned at school: 400 teachers participated in the first Region-USR course to combat stereotypes and abuse. From 2020 resources for over 20 million euros. Data by province

Projects with local authorities and the third sector for equal opportunities and employment. The agreement with the regional school office for teacher training. The one with Anci to strengthen action in the territory starting from the new course for intercultural mediators. And then the Guidelines for Emergency Rooms, the agreement with the Metropolitan City of Bologna for the housing independence of women victims of violence. And 2.6 million for the Freedom Income. Two communication campaigns for a single objective: to let women know that if they ask for help there is a network ready to support them. In the first five months of 2023, contacts at anti-violence centers are growing

November 24, 2023 – The culture of respect is learned at school. I’m almost 400 teachers who in 2023 participated in the first course promoted by the Region in collaboration with the regional school office per counteract stereotypes and gender violence in high schools. After the success of the first edition in April, the choice to replicate with a second, currently running until November 29th.

A commitment towards the world of school that the Region does not create today. Considering only the latest call to promote equal opportunities, they are 19,710 students, 895 classes – from nursery to high school – 1,903 teachers, 1,757 parents involved throughout Emilia-Romagna.

Data that was released today in Bologna during the conference “Alliances and experiences against gender violence. Only together can we eradicate it”. An initiative with which the Region has called together many reality active in the territory: Municipalities, anti-violence centres, counseling centers and emergency rooms, centers for men who are perpetrators of violence, the third sector and of course the world of schools.

The opportunity to take stock of ongoing experiences and relaunch the common commitment, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

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“In Emilia-Romagna we have a consolidated network that works and it is from this that we must start – underlined the regional councilor for equal opportunities, Barbara Lori-. There are no shortcuts or miracle recipes: violence against women, this terrible escalation that we are witnessing and which in recent days has had yet another dramatic epilogue in the story of Giulia Cecchettin, can only be fought by working together, by networking. And acting above all on a cultural level, the only one that can trigger real change, starting therefore from families, from schools, from the young generations. In line with the objectives and tools of the regional plan against gender violence, in a framework of ever greater integration with the territory”.

An emergency from which not even Emilia-Romagna is immune as reported in the news and as confirmed by the data ofRegional observatory on gender violence: women who have contacted an anti-violence centre in the first 5 months of 2023 there were 1,363respect at 1,118 in 2022considering only 10 of the 22 anti-violence centers present in Emilia-Romagna.

At the conference among others: Federico Amico (Chairman of the Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Equality and Human Rights), Belinda Gottardi (Anci Emilia-Romagna), Cristina Magnani (president of Emilia-Romagna anti-violence center coordination), Chiara Brescianini (manager of the regional school office).

The agreement with the Municipalities and the one with the Regional School Office

So network. Starting from one new and closer collaboration with the Municipalities. A “pact” that was sanctioned today by the signing of a Region-Anci agreement to strengthen a common work already started and thanks to which the first was achieved in 2023 course aimed at cultural mediators: 120 those who participated to strengthen the ability to intervene in contexts that are complex, sometimes fragile, such as those of migrant girls and women. An experience from which a specific one also emerged Go with me.

“Anci Emilia-Romagna is committed to combating gender violence through awareness and training actions. To build a culture of dialogue together, Municipalities cannot act alone, but a strategy is needed both between the Municipalities themselves and with other local authorities – he said Belinda Gottardi, mayor of Castel Maggiore and Equal Opportunities policy contact for Anci Emilia-Romagna. Precisely in this sense we have created, in synergy with the Region and with various associations involved in combating gender violence, a training course for over one hundred intercultural mediators. Furthermore, we have prepared an operational handbook which we presented today. Only through networking that involves institutions, the Third Sector, schools and citizens can we create a culture of non-violence”.

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Initiatives that add to the memorandum of understanding con the regional school office which allowed us to start the training courses for teachers.

The Region’s commitment: over 20 million euros from 2020

Alongside local authorities and the third sector for promote equal opportunities, prevent and combat gender violence, educate about respect for differences with projects aimed at citizens, schools and the world of sport. Together with initiatives to encourage presence of women in the world of work: training internships, professional orientation, corporate welfare. Since 2020 the Region has allocated 9.5 million euros to support these two lines of intervention for a total of 281 projects of which 186 from local authorities and 95 from associations.

Resources to which they must be added 7.2 million euros which in 2023 made it possible to finance the Fund for women’s entrepreneurship, after they had been allocated in 2021, in a first edition 3 million euros. In 2023 they are 239 projects approved to support the birth and consolidation of small and medium-sized female businesses moving total investments of 21 million euros.

And then the commitment to the Freedom Income, concrete help to accompany women on the path to escape violence and recover their autonomy, with the choice to intervene, in the last two years, with 2.6 million of euros (1.3 million for each year) to integrate the sharply declining national resources.

Regional resources that are added to the approx 8.5 million euros of national resources assigned to Emilia-Romagna from 2020, to support anti-violence centres, shelters, housing autonomy and the accompaniment of women victims of violence on the path to escaping violence.

The Guidelines for Emergency Rooms

One of the first doors of access for women who ask for protection and care is represented by Emergency and urgent services: 563 gives it who in 2022 went to an emergency room and the visit ended with a diagnosis of violence. For this reason, in 2022 the Region has prepared specifications Guidelines to ensure protection, security and support. A organisational model the result of multi-professional work with doctors, psychologists and anti-violence center operators to create methods of reception and homogeneous management among healthcare companieswith particular attention to the woman’s story, the presence of children and the path following discharge from the emergency room.

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An agreement for the housing autonomy of women

And since the first step to turning the page often takes place at home, in recent days the Metropolitan City of Bologna, Municipalities and Unions of Municipalities of the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna, the Region, ACER Bologna and Solaris Srl, together with the trade unions and associations of the owners and tenants and the Anti-Violence Centres, have signed a agreement for the housing autonomy of women victims of violence. A “toolbox” that includes a package of initiatives including the possibility of recognizing reward scores in the ERP rankings for women who are victims of violence and the forfeiture of the assignment of public housing for those who have suffered a conviction, even if not definitive, for domestic violence , with the consequent right of takeover for the other members of the family unit.

Communication: two campaigns for a single objective

22 anti-violence centres, 55 shelters, 14 centers for men who commit violence. To remind all women that they are not alone and that there are organizations and professionals in the area ready to help them, the Region launched the new institutional campaign today. “Our silence will not protect us”. A phrase from Audre Lorde, American writer and activist, expressed through the faces of workers from anti-violence centers and from the socio-health world, psychologists, mediators and cultural mediators. And that she will join the campaign ‘If he tells you it’s VIOLENCE’ launched in recent days. Two campaigns that in different ways want to contribute to the same objective: to push women, who find themselves living in fragile situations, to emerge from isolation and ask for help.

The regional report on gender violence can be consulted here link

Press kit — Emilia-Romagna News (regione.emilia-romagna.it)

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