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“Visits to patients in hospitals suspended” – Savonanews.it

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“Visits to patients in hospitals suspended” – Savonanews.it

“In relation to the current epidemiological picture characterized by the strong increase in viral circulation in the Savona area and by the increase in the detection of positivity from Sars CoV2 among patients, in order to protect the health of the same, their family members and operators, we communicate that starting from Thursday 8 December, visits to patients in hospitals will be temporarily suspended”.

Thus comments the ASL 2 in a note which adds: “The director of the facility may arrange differently for cases deemed particular by agreeing a visit in advance. For fragile patients who need the caregiver’s assistance, the presence will remain guaranteed in compliance with current legislation within the current epidemiological framework. Upon access to the hospital ward, verification of possession of the enhanced greenpass will be carried out or the swab will be carried out in the previous 48 hours”.

“Relatives of hospitalized patients will be contacted every day by the hospital’s doctors and family members will be able to continue to contact relatives through personal mobile devices”.

“The company recognizes the importance for patients of being able to receive a visit from a relative or friend and the strong positive impact that this can also have on the aspect of patient care, and is committed to promptly restoring non- as soon as the epidemiological framework allows it “, they conclude from ASL 2.

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