Home Health VITAMIN B deficiency | You realize it from this symptom: do not underestimate, it can get worse

VITAMIN B deficiency | You realize it from this symptom: do not underestimate, it can get worse

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VITAMIN B deficiency |  You realize it from this symptom: do not underestimate, it can get worse

Pay close attention to this frequent symptom: Vitamin B deficiency could cause very disturbing problems.

Vitamin B deficiency (pexels source)

The Vitamin B it does not consist of a single essential nutrient, but is articulated in well 8 essential vitamins for the proper functioning of the organism, as well as for the health of skin and hair. In particular, the B vitamins are: thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and cobalamin.

This group of nutrients is water-soluble, and their intake is therefore not accumulated for a long time in the organism. It is therefore necessary to integrate Vitamin B constantly, in order to maintain the perfect health of the organism. The lack of these elements can lead to very serious pathologies: let’s see which ones, also discovering the symptoms most commonly encountered.

Vitamin B deficiency: beware of tingling in the legs

Vitamin B deficiency
Vitamin B deficiency (source pexels)

A persistent tingling sensation in the legs and heaviness in the lower limbs may be indicative of a Vitamin B deficiency. In fact, they guarantee the correct energy metabolismremoving the sense of fatigue and exhaustion. They also stimulate the turnover of Red blood cellsalso encouraging regeneration and synthesis of DNA and RNAas well as the production of numerous neurotransmitters.

If you often warn them sore and tingling lower limbs, it is appropriate to learn more about the causes of this annoying discomfort. It could in fact be indicative of one incorrect posturesuch as a habit of frequently crossing your legs, or a signal that your clothes are off too snugand effectively prevent circulation.

Very often, however, itching in the legs is symptomatic of one severe deficiency of B vitamins, and these nutrients must be properly supplemented through the following foods. The consumption of whole grains such as bread, pasta, rice, wheat germ, peas, soy, legumes and potatoes. Vitamins B are also found in dried fruit, in dairy products and in beef and pork. Coffee, smoking and alcohol, on the other hand, can prevent the correct absorption of these nutrients in the body: all the more reason we try to avoid their consumption.

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Other symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency are: fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, loss of appetite and muscle fatigue. There are also malfunctions of the digestive system, skin rashes, mood disorders and insomnia.

If you are unable to assimilate sufficient Vitamins B through your food routine, you can contact your trusted pharmacy: you can comfortably take them in the form of practical capsules or soluble sachets!

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