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Vitamin C and arginine, that mix that ‘rejuvenates’ the muscles of the elderly

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Vitamin C and arginine, that mix that ‘rejuvenates’ the muscles of the elderly

Loss of muscle mass is an inevitable process as we age. Epidemiological studies indicate that from the age of 45 there is a loss of muscle strength equal to 8% every 10 years. Between the ages of 50 and 70, on the other hand, the loss of muscle strength ranges from 20 to 30%, progressing progressively up to a loss of 30% per decade after the age of 70. At the same time, an average loss of muscle mass of the order of 1.5-2.5% per year is recorded starting from the age of 60. A rate of impoverishment of the muscular heritage which leads to its halving by the age of 75.

But it is possible, at least partially, to turn back the hands of the biological clock thanks to a mix of Arginine and Vitamin C. This association plays a synergistic role for the synthesis of nitric oxide synthase, crucial for strengthening the immune system and protecting the endothelium, thus helping to restore strength and muscle mass and significantly improving the symptoms of fatigue and weakness related to the loss of age-eaten muscle. In other words, this mix “rejuvenates” muscle mass in the elderly.

Longevity? A matter of balance

by Paola Emilia Cicero

A study on Long Covid conducted by geriatricians of the post-Covid Day Hospital of the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic Foundation IRCCS – Catholic University Campus of Rome paves the way for the use of this mix to counteract one of the most common effects associated with aging , just published in the magazine Nutrients and presented at the national congress of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics (SIGG) which will end tomorrow.

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I study

“Our study was born from the need to find solutions capable of countering the debilitating and disabling effects of Long Covid, which seems to represent a sort of accelerated aging – he explains Francesco Landi, SIGG chairman and study co-author with Matthew Tosato, geriatrician at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart -. So the discovery of the synergistic action of Arginine and Vitamin C on the symptoms related to muscle mass and strength of the post-Covid syndrome suggests that daily integration with this cocktail is able to counteract the loss of muscle strength and endurance, even in the ‘elderly. This process of muscle erosion can be slowed down and partially reversed thanks to a balanced diet and regular physical activity. This is accompanied by the use of supplements under medical advice”.

Osteoporosis, how to defend bone health at all ages

by Alessandra Volpe

The union of these substances therefore seems to have a positive impact on the health of the elderly. “Arginine is an amino acid that stimulates nitric oxide synthase, a key enzyme in endothelial cells essential for the maintenance of muscle mass – explains Tosato -. Vitamin C, on the other hand, thanks to a nanotechnology that optimizes its absorption without side effects, reduces oxidative stress and improves vascular remodeling. In this way it decreases the muscle damage caused by the impact of free radicals, helping to maintain a toned and dynamic muscle mass”.

Vitamins in ‘film’, the new frontiers of food integration

by Irma D’Aria

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Patients with Long Covid

The research involved 94 people with Long Covid, divided into two groups: the first was given the Arginine and Vitamin C cocktail, respectively two vials with 1.6 grams of one and 500 mg of the other for 28 days, the second instead of the placebo. “The results showed that the first group – he explains Sheared – he benefited both from an improvement in his walking ability, with an increase of 30 meters in the distance covered in 6 minutes at a fast pace, and from his grip strength measured with a dynamometer which went from 22 to 27 kilos. This means an improvement in the quality of life for the elderly and a reduction in the risk of mortality, hospitalizations and disabilities”.

“In the study therefore – concluded Landi – we have shown that the two compounds reduce the symptoms related to the loss of muscle mass and strength, such as difficulty walking, weakness, tiredness and breathlessness, and we are convinced that they can be a valid solution even in the absence of Long Covid for the elderly with sarcopenia “.

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by Francesco Cro

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