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Vitamin D supplements: A lot of strength for small bones

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Vitamin D supplements: A lot of strength for small bones

Why vitamin D is important for the little ones

What strengthens bones in children? In addition to phosphorus, calcium is particularly important for the growth and stability of bones and teeth. But the mineral can only be built into the bones with enough vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium from food and ensures that it gets into the bones.

Vitamin D preparations
A lot of power for small bones

Infants and young children need to develop strong bones

The body produces vitamin D itself in the skin with the help of UVB radiation from the sun. The problem: Babies and toddlers have not yet fully developed the ability to do this. Too little vitamin D can be the result.

In the worst case, this leads to rickets: the bone substance softens and the skeleton deforms.

The drug experts at Stiftung Warentest have evaluated eleven vitamin D preparations for babies and small children – all eleven products in drop and tablet form are suitable for preventing rickets.

Vitamin D preparations for infants and children in the test

We have prepared our drug ratings in different versions.

  • Heft­artikel. Are you interested in a quick overview of suitable vitamin D supplements for premature babies, infants and toddlers? Then activate the results and the PDF for the test report from test 2/2022 here for EUR 4.90.
  • In-depth information. You want to know more? Our Drugs in Test database provides in-depth information on more than 9,000 drugs. With a flat rate or as a registered user, you can also read the Stiftung Warentest evaluations of more than 9,000 medicines for 132 diseases for four weeks for EUR 4.90. The drug prices in the database are always up to date and you can find out how you can save when buying drugs. For adults, too, we explain which vitamin D medications are suitable for whom – for example in the case of osteoporosis.
  • Books. Our guide to babies for beginners accompanies you during the first years of your child’s life. For information on bone-friendly nutrition for adults, see the book Eating Well for Osteoporosis.

One pill a day for prevention

In order to strengthen the bones of the youngest, the Nutrition Commission of the German Society for Child and Adolescent Medicine recommends giving infants one tablet with 10 to 12.5 micrograms of vitamin D every day up to their first birthday as a preventive measure.

They are also suitable for small children, for example in winter or when they cannot go out in the sun due to illness. However, parents should discuss this with their doctor.

In which cases adolescents and adults need vitamin D can be found in our FAQ on vitamin D.

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