Home Health Vitamin D, with these drugs does not get along: do not take them!

Vitamin D, with these drugs does not get along: do not take them!

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Vitamin D, with these drugs does not get along: do not take them!

Taking vitamin D is very important for the immune system, however this supplement should not be taken with certain medications. Be careful!

Essential element to be healthy, however it should not be associated with some types of specific drugs, let’s see which ones (Canva)


Taking supplements is important in order to provide your body with everything it needs to function at its best. All vitamins are essential, including essential is a proper intake of vitamin D. It plays a fundamental role in absorbing calcium, therefore to keep bones healthy, as well as being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system and strengthens the normal functioning of brain activities.

This fundamental substance is difficult to obtain completely through food. However, it is possible to take it through milk, cereals and oily fish or with the sun’s rays, especially in summer. Often, due to its difficulty in taking, there may be a lack of this vitamin and therefore it is necessary to supplement it with special drugs, even if it could go against the functionality of other medicines. Let’s find out together which ones they can create interference with the intake of this fundamental element for health.

Vitamin D is essential for the body, however it can interfere with some medications

vitamin D
Essential substance for the body, but be careful with which medicines you take it: there are side effects (Freepik)

The intake of vitamin D is essential in fact the benefits are many but it can interfere with some medicines, including those that contain aluminum such as medicines for those suffering from kidney failure. Other drugs with which it can go in contrast are those for cholesterol or psoriasis, increasing the risk of having too high calcium levels in the body.

Steroids, laxatives, drugs to control blood pressure, can go in contrast with vitamin D leading to a decompensation that can cause various side effects, such as hypercalcemia or reduce calcium absorption, heart problems and reduce the very effect of medicines and their functionality.

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In conclusion, before taking it it is important to consult your doctor. As it might counter therapies pharmacological in place, if taken independently without a doctor’s prescription, and run into serious problems.

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