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Vivo and “Gu Wei” director Xu Chengjie challenge professional photography flagship X70 Pro to shoot micro movies-Mobile Brand News

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Using mobile phones to shoot movies is nothing new, but compared with professional photography equipment, some mobile phones still have limited shooting such as poor color tone and unstable pictures. Vivo has launched its flagship imaging mobile phone X70 series in Taiwan and has been well received. , And together with the well-known film “Lone Taste” director Xu Chengjie and Admiralty, Golden Horse double material photographer Chen Keqin, using the vivo X70 Pro mobile phone to shoot the true love micro-film “Round Triangle”, through the vivo X70 Pro equipped with Zeiss T* coating and Weiyun Taiwan 3.0’s stable and powerful photographic effects deeply depict the most authentic video story of husband and wife getting along day and night during the home epidemic prevention period. In addition to the micro-film premiere held in collaboration with the Taipei Film Festival, “Round Triangle” will also start today (10/6) Appeared on vivo YouTube official channel (https://vivobm.tw/film).

In the post-epidemic era, the true love microfilm director Xu Chengjie elaborately interprets the truth of love

Xu Chengjie recruited golden lineups such as Golden Bell and Golden Horse double photography Chen Keqin, “Taipei Film Festival” extraordinary newcomer Lu Xia, and new generation actor Zheng Nanzhong, etc., and the micro film “Round Triangle” shot with vivo X70 Pro, narrated the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in Taiwan Later, the level 3 alert was upgraded throughout Taiwan, which also changed people’s lifestyles. During the home epidemic prevention period, a newlywed couple was not only forced to cancel their honeymoon trips, but also because they lived together day and night to see the reality of their marriage, and learned After the secret of the other party, a series of tests of each other’s relationship were triggered. The newly married Xu Chengjie uses the exquisite shooting technique and the daily short stories of the “post-epidemic era”, with “If you see the real me, would you still love me?” as the main axis of the whole film, it is like a circle and a triangle. Although the shapes are different, as long as you face each other bravely and frankly, you can realize the truth of love.

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Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

vivo X70 Pro Zeiss T* coating suppresses backlighting, polar night mode, clearly visible in the middle of the night

Xu Chengjie said that in a backlight environment, in general mobile phone shooting, the background is clear but the person is very dark, or the person is very bright but the background is overexposed, but through the vivo X70 Pro Zeiss T* coating, low reflectivity and enhanced lens can be achieved. The light transmittance effect can effectively improve the image quality performance and accurately restore the true colors even in the backlight environment. Especially in the film, in order to present the situation of home life, a large number of indoor day plays are planned, so that the actors are often in a backlit state. Zeiss T* coating can effectively suppress stray light and ghosting phenomena, so that the entity remains bright and the details are clearer.

Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

Not only did the vivo X70 Pro Zeiss T* coating greatly improve the backlight problem, the extreme night mode recording of the vivo X70 Pro also surprised the photography team. The vivo X70 Pro 1/1.56″ large photosensitive area is matched with the second-generation color filter process. And the single pixel size of 2μm after the four-in-one, the light input is 4.6% higher than the general IMX766, and the overall light sensitivity is 56.25% higher than the previous generation. This allows the male and female protagonists to chat on the balcony late at night to clearly capture the protagonist through the vivo X70 Pro The subtle expressions on their faces truly present the pictures and the sincere emotions expressed by the actors.

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Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

Newly upgraded Micro-Head 3.0 to create the ultimate anti-shake

In addition, Xu Chengjie was also deeply impressed by the ultimate anti-shake effect of the newly upgraded “Micro Gimbal 3.0” of the vivo X70 Pro. “I remember that when shooting the scene where the protagonist and heroine were arguing, I originally planned to shoot with a split lens, and then tried to hold it with my hand. X70 Pro ran with the actor, but the results surprised the crew! Not only the images are stable and clear, but the images are also more fluid. In the end, we decided to shoot most of the images in handheld mode, so that the emotions of the actors will be more profound through the images. Pass it to the audience.”

Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

Professional image creator with vivo X70 Pro is you

Xu Chengjie, who tried to shoot micro movies with mobile phones for the first time, analyzed that the advantages of using mobile phones to shoot micro movies are light weight, high mobility, convenient access to various special viewing angles, and increase the richness of the picture, and because there are not too many large machinery and equipment facing the actors, In addition to allowing the director and photography to be closer to the actors, the actors can also present the most real emotions more at ease, allowing the audience to follow the emotions of the characters in the play and deeply integrate into the plot, and believe that with the advancement of technology In the future, mobile phones can become one of the primary choices for professional film shooting.

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Vivo said that it is very happy to invite director Xu Chengjie and Shuangjin Photography Chen Keqin to shoot micro-films. Traditionally, the film industry is always regarded as a professional and difficult-to-reach area for ordinary people. However, with the rapid development of technology, mobile phones The functions are getting more and more powerful. Even ordinary consumers who have no basis in photography can use the professional optical lens jointly developed by the vivo X70 Pro and Zeiss and the micro-head 3.0. The ultimate anti-shake effect, to shoot professional movies with mirror movement and stability. The effect makes the work more professional and makes it easy to become an image creator.

Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

The micro movie “Round Triangle” debuts on 10/6 to share the experience of vivo X70 Pro

The premiere of the “Round Triangle” micro-film was held at the Taipei Film Festival today (10/6), and director Xu Chengjie was invited to hold a forum to share his shooting experience, and talk about the impact of mobile phones on the development of the film industry. At the same time, it will be available on the vivo YouTube official channel ( https://vivobm.tw/film) debut, where to vivo’s official fan group (https://vivobm.tw/film_fb) watch the micro-film and write down the experience to complete the specified steps, and have a chance to get the latest vivo flagship X70 Pro A mobile phone, V fans, don’t miss it!

Vivo joins hands with director Xu Chengjie of

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